Believe it or not, Pandemic COVID-19 has been instituting countless changes in the way we live

Believe it or not, Pandemic COVID-19 has been instituting countless changes in the way we live

It takes an invisible microbe, known as COVID-19, to become a major catalyst for the many changes we will be facing in the days to come.

This WHO’s grim statistics as of April 15: coronavirus cases: 1,999,279; deaths: 126,720; and recovered: 478,932 is a pivotal engine of these changes.

Unknown to our selves, gradual changes have been going to change or alter our way of life. And these forces of changes are in the works while we are staying at home, with our family; while we follow the 6-meter distance between persons while outside, in the park or in the supermarket; while we are now accustomed to wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds; while we are now used to wear face mask; while in the medical front, the hard-working and dedicated frontliners are facing real-life problems to help the sick and to protect themselves from infection; and while the government has been providing all the financial help to those who have been out of work, and who have been displaced by the pandemic and finding ways and means to address the shortage of protective equipment and gadgets; and while the many research laboratories in the various parts of the world are racing towards discovering a vaccine for coronavirus.

First and foremost: Re-establishing the very core of our civil society: the family! As we have known that family is the very foundation of our society, COVID-19 has become a tsunami force to ignite a closer relationship in the family. The “stay-home” campaign has become the uniting band to make the family members closer and much happier. And this has become a major change to be had and expect more domino effect of being “at home” with your loved ones. One: you have discovered that it is more fun to cook at home and fewer eat-outs. And for sure, you have found out that it is less expensive. With this lockdown and when almost all eating places are closed for family or individual dining, the stay-home Mom and Dad have had time to discover the nooks and crannies of their kitchen. Most dads have become instants “chefs” and cooks, to the delight of his spouse and children. Expect more restaurant cooked-food delivery in the days to come. How about going to supermarkets and malls? Free delivery is the norm, and it might be true, as some economic forecasts, that in the year 2050, there will be fewer malls and supermarkets! AMAZON, ALIBABA and other e-commerce platforms to dominate marketing!

Information technology will be on the rise. Thanks to COVID-19! Remember that most company executives and employees have been working at home with the help of the computer? Before we had so much bad-mouthing about the media but now, we thank Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, including the newest ZOOM!
We need more entertainment beyond our borders. Through our private messenger, we can call our loved ones abroad for free. Forget the landline! Just use ZOOM or Viber! And now, a new app was developed to let the next of kin of the patient who has the virus to chat while in the hospital. The new demand for the services of the information technology has gained more ground, for information technology is the future!

A new respect on the medical frontliners has been shaping right now, edging the heroism of the military in the time of war conflicts! The war in the virus is the most difficult, the enemy is invisible. In the military war, before it would break out, mapping and complete war chest have been provided. There is a calculated risk and a calculated end. Missiles are used! And in the war against the virus? In the war against COVID 19, everything is caught by surprise! Other frontliners like food producers, the military, the food providers, the food truck drivers and the medical researchers have been involved in this virus war! These frontliners are now hailed as the current heroes!

The current fatalities of seniors, 60 and above, in many seniors’ nursing and retirement homes has alarmed the government and the geriatric practitioners.

Major changes are to be effected to help the most vulnerable age group in the Canadian society. Changes include the employment of health workers in only one nursing home, discouraging them for multiple employers. And to increase the basic salary of the health workers to deter multi-jobs in caring for seniors.

Decentralization of operations in the government has been going on right now to fight the COVID 19. The national government if not fully sustainable and stabilize to govern and its operations are not fully instituted, the lower echelon in the hierarchy of command if fully affected would find ways to institute their own territorial or states rules and regulations to effect a much faster implementation of rules and regulations. Looking at what is going on the United States, with too much politicization of actions, some governors have to find ways to localize the solution without the blessing of the national government. And with the action of President Trump to withhold the shipment of protective face masks to Canada had created a vacuum of friendship between the two big continents in North America. And in the Philippines, some cities have to pursue some medical procedures like testing even without the blessings of the Department of Help to ease down the demand of public testings. And in Congress, probably all over the world, actions to booster funding on vaccine research and major funding for pandemics or other major medical upheavals will be prioritized. Off course, nuclear war is next to impossible but biological war is possible, now that the world leaders have known the various ill-effect on the lives of the people and in the world economy.

Friendship among nations will be fully instituted, and thereby the medical and the food chains will be structured strongly as the leaders will have to face any future pandemics more prepared and fully equipped medical arsenal, and to affect more cooperation in building collaborative projects for advanced medical research programs. And more cooperation to institute proper climate change program, the safeguards of animals especially those virus-infected animals. And now, that Trumps blamed WHO for not giving a strong dose of information before the virus becomes pandemic (Trump ruled out USA contribution to the World Health Organization as a retaliation).

We are all equal! Before we shower accolades to our movie and tv starts we spend money for sports stars and we have the feeling of inequity if we compare our bank accounts with the bank accounts of the millionaires, or the moneyed people. We have a divided devotion to these mortals what we have thought would give us more happiness. Until now, we have realized, these people are not saving us from the virus. Each one of us, even themselves, are cowing for safety, dreaded to be dead by this virus! Money, power and stardom are just a plain handful of sand, a remnant of their sandcastles! COVID 19 exempts no one, even you are the 10 richest people on earth, who claim their network worth more than $5 billion dollars!

God worship has changed the most especially during this COVID 19 which has been ravaging the practices of various religions! Before, watching a holy mass in the television is less religious, for there is no personal experience. Even in other religions, personal engagement is necessary to get more blessings, more graces and protections. I knew one time, watching a religious service on the television is less in spiritual value. COVID 19 has been changing the way to practice our religion, even receiving a spiritual communion. So amazing to wait for the time to watch the religious service without leaving your living room, with a simple dress and with the family.

And do not be surprised for more changes in the way we live. And these changes are progressive and will be in our midst for many years to come.

Indeed, COVID 19 is a total wake-up call for many changes as we go forward to the many new normals in our lives.