Band frontman Chito Miranda puts on elegant wedding proposition to Actress Neri Naig

Band frontman Chito Miranda puts on elegant wedding proposition to Actress Neri Naig

Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda confirmed his engagement with actress Neri Naig. Miranda was emotional during the engagement to his 28-year-old girlfriend. On May 14, 2014, Chito Miranda shared a YouTube video featuring his romantic proposal with his girlfriend.

Naig thought it was just another acting job. According to the singer and composer, he connives with his friend who is a director to shoot for a music video. Chito Miranda noted that the music video is just a front of his proposal because he wanted to document everything.

Neri was asked to star in a music video and had spent the day posing for the camera while Chito Miranda on his part went to a flower shop and bought a bouquet of flowers. The proposal of Chito Miranda happened at night when the words “Ako na siguro and pinaka swerteng lalake sa buong Cavite” were flashed on a projector screen.

A puzzled Naig turned around, taking the hint that something else was happening.

Her boyfriend Miranda then came out from the shadows and handed her a colorful bouquet of flowers. The couple hugged and kissed as they watched on the screen photos of them together.

These were followed by the words “Because I will marry the most beautiful woman in Eastwood…if she would allow it?”

Chito Miranda then knelt in front of Neri Naig and made an emotional marriage proposal to his girlfriend. Chito was quoted as saying “I love you very much, baby… Will you marry me, baby?” he said. Neri Naig then replied with a sweet “Of course, yes.” she said. The couple then embraced with each other and the fireworks displays prepared by Chito add more memories to his unforgettable proposal.