Balagtasan is alive, inspiring the younger generation

Balagtasan is alive, inspiring the younger generation

Who said that “Balagtasan” belongs to the forgotten past?

Ask the members of OFSAM how they engaged in poetic battle exposing them the vitality and the beauty of the “Balagtasan”.

Three seniors citizens, namely Mercie Cuaresman, Eli Mones and Felixberta Cleofas exchanged their poetic talents in the “Balagtasan” sponsored by the Manitoba Council of Canadian Filipino Associations Inc. (MaCCFA) held recently to commemorate the 118th Philippine Independence at the North Centennial Recreation Facility.

The poetic exchanged focused on this topic: “Sino Ang Mas Mahalaga: Anak na Lalaki o Anak na Babae” Mrs. Cuaresma tackled to defend her side: “Mas Mahalaga ang Babae”; and Ms. Felixberta Cleofas voiced out with conviction that “Mas Mahalaga ang Anak na Lalaki”;while Eli Mones, another poet,acted as Lakandiwa.

The audience, mostly seniors citizens and some families with their children, had enjoyed listening to the poetic verbal tussle among the three seniors who have the talent to dramatize the topic. With their facial expression, hand gestures and strong voices, their newly-found fans gave warm applause.

With the dedication of the officers of MaCCFA led by Letty Duque Antonio,president, the “Balagtasan” marked as the 2nd year. Ms. Duque said: “We have to expand our “Balagtasan” by linking our celebration with the school. Younger generations must avail to watch and heart this kind of celebration honoring our national language.”

Photos by Rod Cantiveros | Filipino Journal