Bakerite offers the best Aroma Litson Manok and Liempo!

Bakerite offers the best  Aroma Litson Manok and Liempo!

“Sa Amoy pa lang, busog ka na!”

You smell the mouth watering aroma of the Litson Manok and Liempo upon entering Bakerite, and for sure, you feel hungry and want to be home and enjoy the food with your family.

With a line of people paying for their Litson Manok and for baked goods and some are waiting for their orders of the newly-grilled Liempo, Bakerite is abuzz with many customers who come to pick-up their orders or just to order the most famous cuisine being offered everyday.

“We are so happy that our kababayans have been patronizing our Bakerite. And I can see how excited they are to taste our Litson Manok and Liempo”, says Manny Adao.

Managed by a husband and wife team, Manny and Emy Adao, Bakerite offers the variety of baked goods and many varieties of snacks (kakanin).

“We have been preparing for Mother’s Day special and that will be “Creama de Pruta” which will be available for all our mothers in May and we make some specials for the day like “Sans Rival”,” Emy Adao says with a smile.

Opened in 2015 at Keewatin St., Bakerite has been the meeting place for Philippine baked goods and lately, the Aroma Litson Manok and Liempo have become so popular. You must order ahead of time or you have to come earlier to buy these mouth watering Filipino style grilled chicken and pork liempo. And recently, AYOS FB Live, the most popular radio streaming hosted by Papa Dee and Mareng M is being broadcast at Bakerite most of the time. And the regular food sponsor for the204 FM Neighborhood Watch headed by Leila Castro.

“Bakerite has been our food sponsor who has given so much for our needs during our neighborhood watch and we are extending our “walang sawang” thank you to Manny and Emy Adao,” Leila Castro said. “Everytime we need food, Bakerite provides. And our volunteers have been happy enjoying the food after our duty,” Castro added.

As you enter Bakerite, the smell seems like a welcoming greeting: “Basta’t Chicken and Liempo, sa AROMA Chicken Tayo.”