A Pandemic Halloween to Remember

This year’s Halloween Day is very much different from the past years due to our current pandemic. There’s less kids on the streets and less that decorated their houses with the scary Halloween ornaments.

There were families who preferred to stay home and made the most of their evenings.

Thankfully, there is a virtual Halloween Party that was conceptualized and prepared in less than three hours to provide an opportunity for families and kids to still have fun amidst this current situation.

Malou Josue volunteered her time and came up with activities through Zoom. Kids were asked to wear and showcase their costume to the other participants. They played games like Scavenger Hunt and Guess the Picture, read book and capped off the virtual party by singing a goodbye song.

It was a hit for all the families who attended. Families posted pictures of their kids attending the virtual party and shared feedbacks.

“She enjoyed it. She said that she got lots of friends,” one parent shared after she asked her daughter if she had fun.

Another parent said “Thank you so much my kids really needed it. Thank you.”

“Thank you for organizing this. You made our children happy,” said the rest of the parents who guided their kids all throughout the virtual activity.

Facilitator Malou Josue shared that she liked the idea right away when approached by this writer. “When Roselyn came to me with an impromptu Halloween event idea, I jumped on it right away as this is an opportunity for our community to be together despite the pandemic.”

“Halloween is a Canadian festivity that most children and adults look forward to. A little bit of creativity in the comforts of our homes with the help of technology allowed us to celebrate together safely. Seeing the children showing off their costumes, engaging and listening intently made it all worth it,” added Josue

Meanwhile, Newcomer Coffee club group also conducted an online Halloween costume They posed with their costumes for the day and had a friendly contest with the most reactions that they will receive. The group had 3 winners namely, Justin Keith Reyes, Alex Vaflor and Jinwen. Two were awarded with 6 pcs jolly chicken bucket and the other one with Happy Lemon drink.

There were numerous who took part of the virtual events and they sure will never forget this Halloween and I think that it is the fun and positive feelings that will be etched in their hearts because of this very simple yet impactful virtual event.

Roselyn Advincula works in the field of newcomers. She loves volunteering and connecting with people from all backgrounds. Creating community programs makes her heart happy. She is one of the admin of Newcomer coffee club Facebook group.