The Young Rockers behind the Silhouettes

The Young Rockers behind the Silhouettes

(The 12:21’s CD Launching)

by aLfie vera mella

After the proper introduction of the band by CKJS host couple Maui and Ayen Zamora, the bright lights intensified and three imposing silhouettes slowly graced the classy stage. The audience were quietly transfixed at what they were witnessing. And then—clang and bang! The silhouettes transformed into the three brothers who were actually Winnipeg’s Filipino Alternative Pop/Rock band The 12:21, as they launched into their rendition of The Romantics’ “What I Like about You,” one of the earliest New Wave–classifiable songs. The young brothers knew their roots. Thanks to their ’80s youthful parents, Ana and Robert, for raising their children musically well.

The 12:21 are the brothers Roman, Rico, and Roque Maceda—one of the very few active Filipino bands in Winnipeg that have consistently performing in the Filipino community circuit. The brothers launched their debut EP, titled Wish, on November 12, 2016, at Filipino Senior Citizens Hall, to a warm and welcoming crowd comprised by an all-age group—simply appropriate for the band’s clean-cut, polished, and refreshing brand of Alternative Rock and Pop.

The setlist that wowed the crowd and that kept many tapping their feet and clapping their hands, while a good number went to the front and danced the night away, consisted of a good selection of classic Rock/Pop songs from a span of decades, from the ’60s to the ‘90s—The Beatles (“A Hard Day’s Night,” “She Loves You”), Chuck Berry (“Johnny Be Goode”), The B-52s (“Rock Lobster”), Modern English (“I Melt with You”), VST & Co. (“Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko,” “Rock, Baby, Rock”), Eraserheads (“Pare Ko”), and Rivermaya (“Elesi”). The 12:21 definitely knew the roots of the genre on which they founded their music. Interspersed inbetween these engaging covers were the entirety of the EP they were launching. Their originals were as compelling to listen to and to move one’s body with as the familiar songs that they performed; what with song titles like “Adventure,” “Wish,” “Bakit Mo ’Ko Iniwan,” “Larawan,” and “Don’t Let Go,” which they dedicated to their grandfather who passed away. This early, a distinct style is already apparent in their music—an amalgamation of all their influences. After all, the band said that they developed the openness to any kind of music, which is a mark of well-rounded artists.

Overall, the classily dressed The 12:21 accomplished a lively, energetic, passionate, and well-prepared performance. They were not only compelling to listen to; they were also wonderful to watch. The night ended on a high and happy note as the three and their supporters became one after the show…but not before they signed autographs and posed for photographs for the fans who bought copies of their CD.

You may purchase your copy of The 12:21’s Wish via Roman Muñoz Maceda. Add him up on Facebook.

Photos by Nonie Manalili, Star Roxas and Alfred Gaddi | Filipino Journal