With the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Pilita Corrales show is different not to be missed!

With the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Pilita Corrales show  is different not to be missed!

What makes the difference between the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra: Pilita Corrales Show and the ordinary show, where a Filipino celebrities from Manila are featured? The big difference is that Pilita Corrales, being the first Filipino celebrity to be invited to perform with the prestigious Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, her show will be with a full orchestration by the more than 57 members of the symphony. Unlike the other celebrity show, the singer sings with a “minus one”, or sometimes, with , as we brand it, ” “lip synch” or with a 4-musical piece member band.

Pilita Corrales performance on May 15, Thursday, at 8 p.m. at the Centennial Concert Hall is live!

And the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra accompanies our very own, iconic singer, Pilita Corrales!

Only in Winnipeg City, 1st Canadian city, where Pilita Corrales will sing with the symphony; and as a matter of fact, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra spent thousand of dollars to orchestra the songs of Pilita Corrales, in truth, most of the songs, even those current well known Filipino singers, their songs are not orchestrated. The songs must be orchestrated so that each symphony member must have a musical piece to perform.

And it is the pride of the Filipino community to have Asia’s Queen of Songs, and who is still very active in the entertainment world, being one of the judges of the X-Factor, as a major character in the current comedy show at GMA 7; and very well received by Filipinos wherever she goes,to the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East; and lately, as a special guest in Chicago, last valentine celebration, where she had a one-night performance.

And some say, she is already old. And some commented, “paliyad-liyad lang naman siya, at saka, matanda na!”. Her brand of performance is well-known to every Filipino, her style which separates her from other Filipino entertainers. She is an iconic Filipino celebrity. And her age? Her voice has not changed, very original? Just like a wintage wine! And why Tony Bennett, or Tina Turner, or some old singers, in spite of their ages, they still draw crowds? Her voice still separates her from the some of the young singers. She is Pilita! And Pilita Corrales is Pilita Corrales! Original and still loved by those who appreciate her Spanish, Visayan, Filipino and English songs especially her winning song “A Million Thanks To You”

And in her Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra performance, Pilita Corrales will sing Leonard Cohen’s internationally known song, “Hallelujah”. a song which has become the winning musical piece by contestants in various international singing contest like the X-Factors.

Added to this is the local talent participation of the Highlights Performing Group under the mentorship and direction of Ms. Joy Laud Lazo. Highlights Performing Group, with members ages range from 6 to 19, has been the rave in Winnipeg and the latest performance was the fundraising show “Show Philippines”, to raise fund for the Haiyan typhoon victims.

I asked one of my Canadian friends if she wants to buy a ticket? She says: “I cannot understand Filipino/”. I said why do you watch opera presentation where Italian or German language is being used as a medium of the song? She smiled and she said: “Right!”. I told her, Pilita Corrales has many English, Spanish, Filipino and Visayan songs!

To watch Pilita Corrales performing with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, one of the best symphony orchestras in North America is an unforgetable experience. And you will be humbled yourself, watching Pilita Corrales, the very star in the show, you will be prouder as a Filipino.

As the Asian Journal writer writes:”If there is anybody who deserves to be called a total entertainer, it is Pilita Corrales.”

In one of those comments thru social media: “Hollywood has Judy Garland, Philippines has Pilita Corrales…so glamourous, so talented, so beautiful and marvelous!” and “One of the best singer in the world is Pilita Corrales, makes me feel prouder to be a Filipino.”

The proceeds of the show will be used in the various charitable initiatives by the Rosalinda Natividad Cantiveros Foundation and by the reconstruction program of HELPfund, a calamity fund of the Manitoba Council of Canadian Filipino Associations Inc. (MaCCFA).

Tickets prices include $150.00 V.I. P with pre-show and after the show reception with Pilita Corrales; $75, guest; $49 and $39, general admissions. (Special subsidy of $10 less for the $49 and $39 tickets for students.) For tickets, Tony and Letty Antonio- 204.783-8820; Steve Lipischak (c/o Larry Vickar) 204.661.8391; Rod E. Cantiveros, 204-489-8894; Julie Javier 204-787-2733; Rowena Oquendo, 204-955-7730; Clarita Nazario, 204-694-6270 and Jean Guiang, 204-269-7307;
MGE Deli 204-417-5247; Carol Castro. 204-775-0979; Carrie Barroga – 204-633-7508.