Winnipeg Happy Campers Christmas Party

Winnipeg Happy Campers Christmas Party

With more than nineteen family members, the Winnipeg Happy Campers held a Christmas Party last December 29, 2018 at Brookvale Community Centre.

There were lots of fun, games, food, prizes and live music from the teen/children dance presentations. Exchanging gifts, as a part of the Christmas celebration, were full of excitements and surprises.

Winnipeg Happy Campers started as a group in 2007 and still growing. Founders include Carrie Barroga, Tess Gopez, Grace Vergel and Julie Saul. The members include Barroga, Gopez, Saul, Vergel, Sevilla, Joson, Lee, Deluz, Espares, Pingul, Mirabel, Ajero and more.

The Winnipeg Happy Campers are expecting more fun for their camping in July.

Photo credit Carrie Barroga