Tunog Kalye!

Tunog Kalye!

July 14, PCCM

Relive the vibes of ’90s Filipino Alternative Rock with some of the veterans of the scene. On July 14, 2018, at 7 p.m., at Philippine-Canadian Cultural Centre, four of the flagbearers of the genre are treating Winnipeg to a nostalgic trip to the glorious decade—Dodong Cruz of The Youth, Eric Gancio of Yano, Cooky Chua of Color It Red, and the wacky trio Grin Department.

The Youth

Formed in 1989, in Metro Manila, Philippines, The Youth were Joseph Carrasco on drums, Robert Javier on bass, and Dodong Cruz on guitar and vocals. The trio was on the forefront of the Alternative music scene in the decade that followed, dishing out Grunge-influenced singles that included “Multong Bakla (Multo sa Paningin),” “Basura,” “Mukha ng Pera,” and “Magulo Buhay ng Tao.” In their on-and-off career, The Youth was able to release three major studio albums: 1994’s Album na Walang Pamagat, 1997’s Tao Po, and 2012’s Pirata.


Comprised by Dong Abay on vocals and Eric Gancio on guitars, Yano was formed in 1993, in Metro Manila, Philippines. Their brand of socially conscious and scathing Folk/Punk ditties immediately catapulted them onto the center of the then flourishing Alternative Rock scene in the country. Yano is best known for the songs “Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo,” “Esem,” “Trapo,” and “Senti.” The band has five studio albums under its name—1994’s Yano, 1996’s Bawal, 1997’s Tara, 2013’s Tala, and 2014’s Ya Hindi No.

Color It Red

Formed in 1989, in Metro Manila, Philippines, Color It Red was among the darlings of the crowd during the ’90s Philippine Alternative music era, primarily because of the charm of the band’s frontperson and vocalist, Cooky Chua. Their music may be likened to the Folk/Pop-oriented New Wave styling of groups like 10,000 Maniacs, The Pretenders, and Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. Chua and her comrades went on to release five studio albums—1994’s Hand-Painted Sky, 1997’s Fool’s Circle, 2000’s Pop Fiction, 2006’s self-titled, and 2017’s Silver. Color It Red became a household name when their acoustic-flavored guitar ballad “Paglisan” topped the country’s radio charts.

Grin Department

One of the finest Philippine Alternative Novelty bands, Grin Dept. was formed in 1995, in Metro Manila, Philippines. Currently consisting of Andrew B. (vocals/bass), Alfie Gutierrez (drums), and Jason Pelonia (vocals/guitar), Grin Dept. rocked the Alternative Rock–loving community of the 1990s with its brand of naughty, double entendre songs that were full of humor and wordplay. To date, the lively band has six studio albums under its name—from 1995’s Hahehihohu to this year’s The Green Album—spawning now classic singles like “Miss U (Miss, Miss sa Loob ng Jeepney),” “Syota ng Bayan,” “Magbati Na Kayo,” and “Picture Mo, Inday.”

On July 14, feel the nostalgia as these visiting Filipino artists rock the stage of PCCM for the Winnipeg leg of their Canadian tour dubbed as Tunog Kalye. This event is brought to us by Petmalu Productions.

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