Travel the world in two weeks!

Travel the world in two weeks!

See it all this August as Folklorama pavilions kick of week 1 on Sunday, August 2nd. Folklorama is Winnipeg’s annual multicultural festival and get ready to enjoy the diverse range of shows and cuisine available at 43 pavilions during the first two weeks of August.
The annual festival is in it’s 46th year and continues to draw huge crowds at the Folklorama Kick-Off party at the Forks. Expect more dancing, cultural displays and food trips for a truly worldwide experience.

There are many ways to enjoy Folklorama. Single admission to pavilions is only $6. Children 12 and under are free. VIP tours are also available for those looking for first class experience at Folklorama.

Performances at the 2015 Folklorama Kick-Off included the following groups: High Profile Band, Wushu Manitoba, Croatian Folklore Ensemble “Croatian Dawn”, Afro-Caribbean Dancers, Indochina Chinese Pavilion Performers, Kayumanggi Philippine Performing Arts, Indochina Chinese Pavilion Performers, Cubanisimo, Indo-Caribbean Performing Arts Dancers, Polish Dance Ensemble SPK “Iskry”,

Sopilka Ukrainian Dance School, Plain Salt and Yoslai de la Rosa.

Photo Credits: Joseph G. Orobia, Break 4th Photography