Three Filipino groups hear the call to volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest

Three Filipino groups hear the call to volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest

With the Winnipeg Harvest’s slogan: “Hunger does not take a holiday,” the three Filipino groups, namely, the Quezon Province Association of Manitoba, the SoulOneSeed and the Tropang Buhler, were headed to this not-for-profit organization to spend their time, last Saturday, Jan. 18, sorting out the food donations. And this is their first gesture of volunteerism at the beginning of the year 2020.

The Winnipeg Harvest has become an institution for those people who are struggling to feed themselves and their family members. Currently, Winnipeg Harvest is serving more than 64,000 people per month, with over 43% are children under 18 years of age. Food are donated from large food manufacturers and distributors, some are coming from the farmers and gardeners. And with this load of food available, continuous flow of volunteers has been on going to help sort out for those Manitobans who are in need.

Volunteers are coming to help and many hours have been spent even during the holidays. And the volunteers have been enjoying to share their time and efforts to help those who have less in life.

“It is an overwhelming experience to witness and to be involved to sort out foods coming from many places and to be picked-up by needy individuals and families. And I am happy to share my retirement hours in the Winnipeg Harvest. I am encouraged to come back,” said Carol T. Castro, one of the active members of the Quezon Province Association of Manitoba (QPAM).

Part of the QPAM commitments to volunteerism is led by its current president, Maggie Chan-Urbano, Two new groups had joined to share their time to help. The “SeedOneSoul” who is composed of Frank Urbano, Rickie and Jon Jon Natoc, said, “This is an opportunity for us to teach our kids how community volunteerism is a good cause and simply an important life lesson. Helping others improves your emotional well-being and it feels good. It is a rewarding and an eye opening experience. And furthermore, it is fun times spending time with your real friends, very uplifting. Hopefully our volunteerism to help the less fortunate would inspire other band groups to do the same.”

And from Tropang Buhler, Maria de Lima says: “For me, it’s a good feeling that even little things, like helping the community that you make other people happy.” Added by Hazel Dino,

“The reason why I volunteered is that with this simple deed you can achieve something bigger. A simple action can make a difference. Happy to help,” added Hazel Dino.
With all the smiles of the volunteers, even during holidays and weekends, helping others is very rewarding indeed.

Photos courtesy of Maggie Chan-Urbano