The Promise of Christmas

The Promise of Christmas

For many, this year’s Christmas may not be conducive for an all-out celebration. Yes, the shopping centres bravely put up festive decorations, hoping to inspire an acceptable level of buying activity. But the backdrop for many is WORRY.

Let’s all talk and think about the different happenings across the globe. Ano-ano ba ang mga pangyayaring nagaganap sa buong mundo? WORRIES? PAGKAGULUHIMANAN?

What does Christmas mean in this kind of world? To make money, snow, decorations, Santa Claus, festive songs, presents, year-end holiday to shop, celebrate, feel good, etc.?

But at the heart of Christmas is the BIRTH OF CHRIST, OUR LORD. It is the time in the CHURCH set aside to celebrate GOD’S INDESCRIBABLE GIFT. (2 Cor. 9:15) Thanks be to God for His Indescribable Gift.

In a time like this, perhaps, think of the flame of HOPE in a dark night.

God kept His promise. He sent His Son, Jesus – and this is why we celebrate Christmas!

The One we celebrate was given two names at His birth: JESUS and IMMANUEL. (Matt.. 1: 21 & 23). v.21 : She will give birth to a SON and you are to give HIM the Name JESUS, because He will SAVE His people from their sins. JESUS means “GOD SAVES”. v.23 – The virgin will be with Child and will give birth to a Son, and they will call Him IMMANUEL – which means “GOD WITH US”.

The message of Christmas is that through CHRIST, God saves us from sin and death, and comes to be with us.

This message does not change, no matter what our circumstances are. In fact, in our present world, this message shines, all the more brightly. WHO can deliver us from our dire circumstances? WHO can change the BAD news to GOOD? It is CHRIST our LORD who brings SALVATION, RECONCILIATION, HEALING, PEACE, and HOPE. Let us place our HOPE in HIM in these troubled times.

JESUS is not only our SAVIOR. He is also our FRIEND. In our hearts, let us be quietly confident that nothing can separate us from the LOVE of GOD. Let us celebrate Christmas with AWE, GRATITUDE, and HOPE. Let us make our lives pleasing to GOD.

Acts 16:31 – “Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and you will be save – you and your household.”

(Editor’s note: Letty Antonio is the current President of OFSAM and MaCFFA; while Tony Antonio, adviser of OFSAM and treasurer of MaCFFA)