The power of a mother love…

Looking at a deficit of 3-28 in the third quarter, Tom Brady, a quarterback of the NFL New England Patriot, was strongly focused on winning the super bowl come what may. His mind, his heart, his strength were focused on his inspiration, his sick mother who was at the stadium to watch him win the Superbowl LI. He wanted not to fail his mother for this eventful sport competition. The 3 points gained by the New England Patriot against the Falcon’s 28 points seemed an impossible feat for a quarterback who have been wearing 4 championship games in the NFL. Would this be a winning game for his mother, let alone to have another Championship Ring.The odds were against the New England team.

Read what the Associated Press had written the lead of the sport story after the super comeback of the New England Patriot.’They looked old and outmanned.

Their star quarterback was frazzled, their stingy defence was a sieve. So what? Tom Brady and the New England Patriots shrugged and did what they always seem to do win the Super Bowl.’

With so many questions about his role in the Deflategate saga, he focused on the whole week of the Super Bowl not to be fazed, instead Brady focused on his ailing mother who travelled to to Houston to watch her son played in the Super Bowl LI. “She is the one I want to win for,” he said of his mom, as reported by Newsday.

The presence of his mom at the Super Bowl LI had become one the major driving forces for him to play hard, and while gaining points during the overtime, Tom Brady had to mount to win and he got it. his historic comeback has become the greatest story in the NFL, much more to Tim Brady whose inspiration to win is his mother who for the past 18 months has been ill and had been unable to travel to the games that season. But at the Super Bowl LI his mother was able to witness the most telling events between his fans and his five rings; and between his mom and the winning inspiration, and his love to his mother.

I did not see the outpouring joys of winning. At the end of the 3rd Quarter, feeling defeated by the 3-28 deficit, I decided to change the channel. And then, later I turned the channel off. I slept with a little frustration: my NFL team would be a loser. And i did not want to share the faces of frustrations among the faces of the New England Patriot.

By the next morning, I got a copy of the Winnipeg Free Press! What! New England Patriot wins, a historic comeback! What happened? How did Tom Brady face the mammoth obstacle and win the record breaking overtime spectacle?