The Future Of Work

The Future Of Work

Technology is changing the way we all live, work and play. The buzzwords such as automation, artificial intelligence, digital transformations and technology innovations are changing how we work. The two-day DisruptED: The Future Of Work hosted by the Information Communications Technology Association of Manitoba (ICTAM) held at the RBC Convention Centre last week focused on how students, educators and industry are tackling the real issues facing the workforce.

Dr. Karyn Gordon opened the conference with an introspective keynote on the dynamics of the current workforce that encompasses 5 generations – traditionalists, baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Millenials) and Gen Z. All generations are motivated and engaged in different ways and a sneak peak into each generation was enlightening. Every generation has very different values and it’s even more important in today’s workforce to understand why your manager, peers and new grads may have different values in the workplace.

Adam Garry is a former elementary school teacher and now works with Dell as their Director of Global Education Strategy and hosted a panel of students to discuss challenges and opportunities in the school system. Quite frankly, the students panel was the most enlightening and frightening at the same time. As a Gen Xer, I might have a traditional view of learning in the classroom. Today’s students can easily access a wide array of learning technologies – online classes, one-to-one remote tutoring, personalized learning and mentoring.

My favorite panel discussion on “Skills and Work Integrated Learning” promoted the idea of education and industry teaming up to provide students with immersive work experiences through internships and coop placements. The panel was moderated by Sandra Saric, VP Talent Innovation with the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). The short and quick take away was that businesses need to take a lead on opportunities for meaningful work integrated experiences.

New technologies are already disrupting the way we work. DisruptED was an opportunity to engage in conversations on how to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. Technology will continue to create new jobs and income opportunities. Are you ready to take advantage of them?

Photos by Star Roxas | Filipino Journal