Technology in Job Search and Maintenance

Technology in Job Search and Maintenance

Technology and the world of work are firmly interlinked. Today’s job seeker and successful professional must know how to collaborate and network in-person as well as develop technical skills for job functions, online networking, and personal branding.

A job seeker needs to be comfortable with technology in order to access online job databases, submit applications, and complete assessments as part of a selection process. An employee needs to be familiar with technology in order to carry out job functions, access company resources, and communicate by email.
Social media is leading more and more job seekers and professionals to also look at developing an online brand. “Ask yourself what you want to be known for,” says Ron Ashkenas. “What differentiates you from everyone else who might have a similar background or set of experiences?” On the Harvard Business Review Blog, Ashkenas shares two key concepts for building a personal brand online: 1) Identify what value you can create for others. 2) Control your online identity. Just as your day-to-day actions influence your reputation in the workplace, every tweet, post, or comment shapes your online personal brand and reputation.

Jacob Cass, a TED Talks speaker and graphic designer, found that concepts for success in social media also helped him in navigating the job search process:

Be genuine.
Build relationships.
Be consistent.
Offer value.

These same concepts apply to establishing an online identity for professional success. According to Seth Godin, “America’s Greatest Marketer,” regardless of what format an individual’s self-marketing may take, presenting value to your audience is the most important concept in self-promotion.
Given technology’s presence in this day and age, it is to your advantage to explore and learn about the opportunities that technology can provide you with in terms of job searching and career maintenance and advancement.

Are you LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with 250 million members worldwide, including over 7 million in Canada, is widely used for recruitment and is the preferred tool for keeping in touch with professional contacts.

Coming Soon: Manitoba Start will host a Social Media Workshop to assist newcomers in developing their online brand.