Technology Balancing Act Made Easy

Technology Balancing Act Made Easy

By Cynthia B. Reyes

April 19th’s General Manitoba Filipino Business Council (MFBC) meeting brought guest speaker Alan Castell and Bruce Froebe in to share ways to improve people’s use of technology. Alpha Technologies Inc. is the fruit of a partnership built on 22 years of technology experience between the duo.

Alpha Technologies strive to provide the best customer support and service that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Their goal is to help business save money by using their technology to make more efficient and ultimately increase productivity. They will help companies find customized solutions that fit a company well.

Solutions vary but to name a few, areas of expertise include helping businesses set up large scale backup devices and network equipment.

Creating solutions by using an IP address phone linking people with international distance but only end up paying a local price.

Another specialty is SIP Trunking—Session initiation Protocol. SIP Trunking is using the SIP protocol for voice the way most cellular phones use or generate voice sounds. SIP features may include 3 way internet; it can be used for instant message video. Unlike the old perception that reputation of being unreliable; Alan demonstrated that SIP lines are in fact very clear. Technology has come a long way.

Alan Castell is of Filipino-British decent his mother immigrated from the Philippines to the USA 1961. He is also a proud new member of the MFBC, and recently announced as the new membership coordinator for the MFBC. If you are interested in using technology to leverage your business, visit their website at

Cynthia B. Reyes is the owner of The UPS Store Kenaston Common, member of the Women Business Owners of Manitoba and member of the Manitoba Filipino Business Council.