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Tawid Tulong for Itogon and Blood Donation Campaign

Tawid Tulong for Itogon and Blood Donation Campaign

I once read an article about how to measure happiness. It says, “If you want 50 pesos worth of happiness, then give away 50 pesos.” It must be the explanation why on Wednesday evening there was so much noise and hype during the donation drive launching event at Maples Community Centre while everyone in the room, volunteers and donors, was helping pack the items to be sent to the evacuees in Itogon Benguet. In just a matter of 3 hours, we received goods that fit in 7 door-to-door boxes, more than 500 dollars, 12 boxes with free shipping; including a painting, two signature brand bags, and concert tickets for auction.

What if it is 350cc of blood that you will give away? Eight of our patrollers just did the past two weeks, responding to the call looking for 200,000 blood donors. It was my first time to donate blood. After the procedure, I was thirsty and my knees were shaky. But I am so proud of it. Who wouldn’t, after having had 5 major operations, I got the clearance to give blood.

204 Tawid Tulong Para sa Pilipinas and the campaign to donate blood donation continue. Please drop off your donation in kind to Bakerite at Keewatin or to Raffy’s Café at Ellice. If donating in cash, please send it to Red Cross. If you wish to donate blood, 204 Neighbourhood Watch can provide you transportation if going in group.

Arlene Dayanghirang, Tek De Leon and Christopher Ilagan at Canadian Blood Services