Summer is picnic time…it is more than a fiesta!

Summer is picnic time…it is more than a fiesta!

Oh yeah, summer is the best time for meetings and for birthdays, baby showers and anniversary celebrations. Some community parks have all booked up by various Filipino organizations and families.

It looks like a food festival site where the best Filipino food especially grilled pork chop, tilapia, silver bash and pork kabob plus all the dessert like puto, leche plan, halaya, tart, and biko; and to top them all, halo-halo, are served. Sometimes, it is more than a town fiesta with buntings decorated the area and music especially karaoke is performed.

At Kildonan Park lately, various organizations have their annual summer picnics where they hold meetings and accepting and welcoming new members. Family outings are very popular. Food are plenty; drinks flow freely and this is considered as a welcome party for siblings, cousins and relatives families have had the best gathering to welcome relatives and cousins. And every one who has attended enjoy the fun and food and the free-willing weather with sunshine and sometimes, with a shower. And the atmosphere is more than a park fiesta.

Men and women; young and old alike have all the time to enjoy the green surroundings by a little walk through the park or just watch people go by. And the children enjoy the swings and the sand boxes. And whenever you go for a picnic, be sure to join the group and enjoy the fiesta time.

During park fiesta, forget your calorie count and indulge yourself to smorg of Filipino food and delicacies. It is worth the walk to the park!

During our quick visit to Kildonan Park, we join the celebrations with the officers and members of Isabela Association of Manitoba, Aklan Association of Manitoba, Pasig Association, De la Cruz, Yanto and Mogatas families. Mekeni Association had also a picnic meeting at the same time.