Story of Talisay Association of Manitoba

Story of Talisay Association of Manitoba

by Lynnea Luna

The Talisay Association of Manitoba was officially established in 1976 by the following founders; Cosme Luna, Rudy Comia, Arthur Nibay, Pasqual (Amang) Salazar, and Ading Paganiban.

The idea behind starting the Association was to bring people together. The founders saw that many families were starting off new in Winnipeg and felt that keeping connections with kababayans would help facilitate the transition in Canada and make it easier.

In 1976 the Talisay Association of Manitoba started with 30 members, made up of family and friends. The first two fiestas were hosted in an apartment block on Salter and Mountain. The fiesta consisted of all members bringing a dish to share with one another, followed by a evening of mingling and good laughs. The third annual fiesta was held at Pasqual Salazars home in his basement at 469 Alfred.

Towards the late 70’s more and more families began to migrate from Talisay to Winnipeg. The association began to grow in size, which meant the annual Fiesta could not be held at a members apartment or home. In 1980 the Talisay Association of Manitoba had to rent its very first hall, The Holy Ghost on Main street to accommodate the growing Talisay population.

One of the founders, Cosme Luna felt it was important to not only celebrate the Fiesta, but also bring some of the fiesta traditions here to Winnipeg. The Association decided to bring the tradition of selecting a muse to represent the people of Talisay. Every year since 1980 the Talisay Association Officers select a muse to hold the title of Miss Talisay.

As the association continued to grow, the hall that once accommodated Talisay was too small. In 1990 the association found a hall that would accommodate the growing population, the fiestas were then held at Immaculate Conception Church hall. It was in the 1990’s that the association decided to have an annual summer picnic to help the Talisay members stay connected throughout the year. By the year 2000 the association out grew another the hall and was then held at St. Josephs Church hall.

It is now 2016 and yet again the association continues to grow and we now need to rent the biggest hall available in the city to accommodate the every growing Talisay population.

The Talisay Association of Manitoba would not be what it is today without the continued support of its founders, presidents, officers, and members.

Photos by Jeff Luna