Stephanie Sy is Belle in the Beauty and the Beast

Stephanie Sy is Belle in the Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is presented by Rainbow Stage at Kildonan Park! And our kababayan, Stephanie Sy is the leading lady, taking the role of Belle! C’mom, let’s go and watch this show. This will be my unforgettable summer!

Yes, a summer buzz is heating up at Rainbow Stage at Kildonan Park where the classic Broadway musical and Disney’s Animated Film, “The Beauty and the Beast” is being presented featuring Stephanie Sy, a Filipino-Canadian actor, taking the role of Belle.

And to give more depth on her role as the lady on a tale of unlikely love, Stephanie, a Winnipeg native, has to challenge the definitive role as Belle being a vibrant, intelligent girl who wants more out of the life than an ordinary experience. And to add a nostalgic twist, this is Stephanie’s return to Rainbow Stage after her last role as Ngana in South Pacific in 1997.

When asked about her first role as Ngana, and now Belle, on what she learned within the span of years in the performing arts, Stephanie says: “That was over 20 years ago, so I have too much to say about what I learned over the majority of my life span.” And now playing a major role in her return to Rainbow Stage, she says: “I feel nostalgic coming back to Rainbow Stage, for any reason. I love that place to no end, no matter where this career takes me, Rainbow Stage is what I consider home.”

Stephanie has appeared in my theatre productions and in films. And when asked some memorable roles she had portrayed,before getting the role of Belle, she says:” Jo March in “Little Women”with Dry Cold Productions, coincidentally also directed by Rob Herriot and Dorothy ins the “Wiz” at Sisler High School directed by Leith Clark. Jo changed my life, both her and Dorothy had a lot to do with the shaping of Belle.”

She started her acting career with the FantasyTheatre for Childen. Sy says: “I owe Tony Frost and Leith Clark everything, they were the ones who showed me that the best personfor the role gets the part, it doesn’t matter what the colour of their skin is.”

With many hidden talents in the Filipino community, Stephanie has an inspiring advise: “What I can say to up and coming performers who really want to do this as their profession is: the limits you set for yourself only gives permission for other people to limit you. If you truly want something, work to get it, and don’t think about how to change yourself to fit what, you think, what they want. Focus your work, time and energy on what makes you the best, and pay great gratitude to those who support and love you along the way.”

Rob Herriot directed the msucial; Paul DeGurse as the music director and conductor; and Sam Manchulenko handled the choreographer.

Oh, yes, and there is another kababayan who is a member of the ensemble, and he is Joseph Sevillo.

For tickets please call: 204-989-0888