Staff Sgt. Andy Golebioski receives 1st Embracing Diversity Award

Staff Sgt. Andy Golebioski receives 1st Embracing Diversity Award

At the recently held Winter Reception of the City of Winnipeg Citizens Equity Committee, Staff Sargeant Andy Golebioski of the Winnipeg Police Service was awarded the 1st Embracing Diversity Award.

The award presentation held at Carol Shields Auditorium, Millennial Library, before the audience composed of the Golebioski co-workers at the Winnipeg Police Service, his family and friends and the members of the Citizens Equity Committee.

The program started with the opening ceremony by Sherry Copenace and welcome addresses by Maria Morrison, CEC Coordinator and Councillor Cindy Gilroy, chairperson of CEC. Greetings from the city was delivered by Doug McNeil, CAO; and the award citation was given by Inspector Gord Friesen. of the Winnipeg Police Service.

The Embracing Diversity Award will recognize a staff member for his or her commitment and dedication to diversity, through their contribution to a program, event, or community development outreach initiative. . . in addition to their personal commitment to respect and inclusiveness, in the workplace.

Areas of diversity may include: Cultural, Gender, Race and Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Social Justice, and Persons with a disability.

Golebioski says: “ I humbly received this award for my efforts in reaching out to the indigenous communities within Manitoba and building closer relationships with the City of Winnipeg. This included creating a greater awareness of the indigenous employees of the City of Winnipeg and how we can use their wisdom and experience in addressing the community issues.”