Spanish military offers aid to modernize AFP

Spanish military offers aid to modernize AFP

Spain’s Vice-Minister of Defense Constantino Mendez Martinez said his country is willing to provide equipment to help modernize the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Martinez arrived in the Philippines last Sunday accompanied by Spanish military officials to meet with officials of the military and the defense department. He was also accompanied by executives of several Spanish companies engaged in the supply and services of defense systems engineering consultancy; information systems and electronic radars; aircraft; ammunition and mortars; and disasters and emergency situations.

Martinez said Spain has naval and air assets that may be offered to the Philippines upon the request of the AFP.

The Aquino administration has vowed to support the AFP’s capability upgrade program to boost its territorial defense capabilities.

The government aims to acquire lead-in jet trainers, surface attack aircraft, air defense radars, long-range patrol aircraft and closed air support aircraft for the Air Force. It also seeks to buy new equipment for the Army.

Not to be left out, the Navy will be provided with strategic sea-lift vessels with amphibious capability, off-shore patrol vessels, naval helicopters, coast watch stations, and weather-heavy endurance cutters.