Seven 2014 USTAAMI scholars receive financial awards

Seven 2014 USTAAMI scholars receive financial awards

“Unfold, Oh timid flowers!
Lift up your radiant brow,
This day, Youth of my native strand!
Your abounding talents show
Resplendently and grand,
Fair hope of My Motherland.”

These are the lines from “A La Juventud Filipina” (Sa Mga Kabataang Pilipino”), a poem written by Dr. Jose Rizal, a UST alumnus and the national hero, as expounded by Johsa Manzanilla at the University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association of Manitoba annual scholarship ceremony at Sturgeon Heights Community Center recently where seven outstanding post secondary students received the financial awards.

“I applaud you, and commend your outstanding efforts. In the words of Dr. Rizal, “the youth is the hope of our future.” And indeed, you are,” Johsa said.
Johsa Manzanilla, a 2003 USTAAMI Scholar, and a masteral graduate on human rights at the university in Hague, Netherland, was the inspirational guest speaker at the annual UST scholarship award.

The 2014 USTAAMI Scholarship recipients include: 1st -Carlyle Angelo Foja; 2nd, Jonathan Chingcuangco; 3rd, Charlemagne Amao; 4th Michael Kiefer Co; 5th, Eunice Lyra Gordola Cruz; 6th, Elisha Marie Santos; and 7th, Marie-Ann Roda de Leon. Close to $8,000 were awarded to the seven recipients.

One of the changes in this year’s award is the required three-year residency in the school,and only the grades in Grade 12 had been considered for the selection of the 2014 USTAAMI scholars.

The financial awards were presented by Dr. Mirla David, chairperson, Scholarship Committee; Cathy Auld, Winnipeg Foundation; and Vangie Mance, president, UST Alumni Association of Manitoba Inc.

The 2014 USTAAMI board of directors and officers include: Vangie Mance, president; Gee Carbonell, vice-president; Jericho Bryan Giba, treasurer; Regina Santos, immediate past president, auditor; and Reygel Robles, secretary; Dr. Mirla David, Alda Ruiz, Maridol Madolora, Willie de Borja, Nena Huypungco, Phil Anciro, and Procy Kalaw, board of directors. Scholarship Committee is composed of Dr. Mirla David, chairperson; Alda Ruiz, Leah Enverga-Magsino, Clara
Orallo, Archie Huypungco, Rod E. Cantiveros and Phil Anciro, members.

Donations are accepted for the UST AMMI Scholarship Fund. Tax receipts will be issued for donation of $10 or more. For more info contact any member of the board of directors. To make a donation log on to Winnipeg Foundation Website: and search for Filipino Heritage Scholarship/Bursary Fund.

Johsa Manzanilla ended her inspiring address with: “So believe in yourself, and pursue things that matter to you the most, even if it may seem like you are swimming against the current, upstream, while everyone pushes against and over you. Don’t limit yourself. The status quo is so overrated.”

Photos by Rod Cantiveros | Filipino Journal