Salute to Graduates!

Salute to Graduates!

By Leila Castro

Psalm Arnuco
Maples Collegiate

Psalm graduated from high school with Honours. He will be going to University of Winnipeg this fall where he was accepted at the Faculty of Kinesiology in.

Psalm is the son of Ramon and Shiela Arnuco. His family came to Canada 12 years ago. Not only is Psalm an academic achiever, he is also a basketball and badminton varsity player, a barber, and he has an award-winning talent in cooking.

In the last Food-A-Rama, his Breakfast with a Twist dish won the amateur category. His active involvement in sports at Maples Collegiate earned him the title Sportsman of the year 2017 and a scholarship. He was also part of the North American Basketball Association (NABA).

As proud and happy mommy Shiela writes on facebook about her son, “Your hardwork pays off. From waking up early in the morning and going home late at night from your practices and games.. even if you had tons of assignments and exams.. even if we argue for you not to come to practices or games because you are not feeling well.. even if your knee is painful.. even if you had foot blisters.. even if we travel miles and miles you never stop.. you never complain..

#weneverquit! Being a chauffeur, a chaperon, a cheerer and sometimes a basher is not easy.. it is a #tiringjoyyetfulfilling.”

Quitting is not in the vocabulary of this 17-year old graduate. Despite his very busy schedule, Psalm is actually dealing with a torn ACL and meniscus injury in the knee. But he does not allow such condition to bother him. In fact, he spent the spring WMBA season coaching a basketball team of 10 year old boys at Maples, a community service experience that he truly enjoyed.

Eula Odulio
Technical Vocational high School

This year’s valedictorian at TecVoc High School is a young Filipina. Eula Odulio is the daughter of Ulysses and Violeta Odulio. She was born in Pulilan Bulacan. Her family came here as immigrants in 2006.

A real pride to her parents, Eula recevied numerous student awards. These are some of her achievements and awards: Outstanding Technical Student of the Year (June 2017), Manitoba Aerospace Work Education Award for Excellence in Graphic Design (June 2017), Andrew Swan Citizenship Award (June 2017), Manitoba Print Association Scholarship (June 2017), Direct Acceptance into Red River Graphic Design Program (May 2016), Global Vision Vancouver Round Table Delegate (January 2017), Outstanding “Anak ng Bulakenyo Award” (September 2016), Skills Nationals Canada Silver Medalist for Graphic Design (May 2016), Skills Manitoba Gold Medalist for Graphic Design (April 2016), IPN International Enterprise Challenge First Place Winner (September 2016), Winnipeg School Division Book Award (June 2015).

Way to go, Eula! We won’t be surprised if someday you will emerge as one of the most successful in Manitoba.