A race for disgrace: Chevrier and Empress named Worst Roads in Winnipeg

A race for disgrace: Chevrier and Empress named Worst Roads in Winnipeg

CAA Manitoba’s sixth annual Worst Roads campaign concluded with a record number of roads around the province being nominated for the annual disgrace. Just over 8,400 votes were cast for 712 roads around the province, demonstrating the campaign to recognize roads that need improvements continues to grow.

“Worst Roads has achieved another personal best – or should I say worst? – as Manitobans voted on an historic number of roads. Clearly, many of us believe the routes on our commute are the roughest roads around and deserve to be recognized as an area of concern,” said Mike Mager, President of CAA Manitoba. “That’s why we’re pleased our elected officials are more willing than ever to receive our campaign results.”

Provincial Road 239 took an early lead, and while several other roads made up ground during the last two weeks, the crumbling road off Highway 6 near Ashern was named the worst of the worst. Four Winnipeg roads, Chevrier Boulevard, Empress Street, Pembina Highway and Fermor Avenue, were sandwiched in the list.

Carlos Bergantim, owner of Tony’s Academy Auto Service on Chevrier Boulevard in Winnipeg, noted that his street has deserved a badge of dishonour for a long time. “Driving on roads like Chevrier that are in poor condition adds up over time and can take a toll on your vehicle. While the city patches and fills potholes year after year, the street falls apart every spring, putting people at real risk of vehicle damage.”

With the introduction of the most improved road category to this year’s campaign, a clear winner emerged in both Winnipeg and rural areas. St. James Street and TransCanada Hwy. 1, respectively, earned recognition for the repairs they’ve undergone in recent years.

“It’s nice to see that Winnipeggers acknowledge how much work has been done on St. James Street since it was first given the top Worst Roads title in 2012,” said Mager. “And clearly, people have noticed the improvements on the TransCanada, specifically between Winnipeg and the Saskatchewan border, make the drive safer and more comfortable than ever before.”

As is the Worst Roads practice, campaign results will be shared with Mayor Brian Bowman in Winnipeg, as well as the Manitoba Government’s Minister of Infrastructure, Blaine Pedersen.

2017 Worst Roads Campaign Results

Winnipeg Manitoba
Rank Road Rank Road Area
1 Chevrier Boulevard 1 Provincial Road 239 Faulkner
2 Empress Street 2 Provincial Road 353 Brookdale
3 Pembina Highway 3 Dugald Road Anola
4 Fermor Avenue 4 Main Street South Carman
5 Saskatchewan Avenue 5 Main Street South Minnedosa
6 McGillivray Boulevard 6 Manitoba 20 Ochre
7 Henlow Bay 7 Provincial Road 307 Oakbank
8 Sherwin Road 8 Provincial Road 450 Goodlands
9 St. James Street 9 Mountain Avenue Neepawa
10 McCreary Road 10 Provincial Road 280 Gillam

Most Improved Winnipeg Road: St. James Street
Most Improved Manitoba Road: TransCanada Highway 1