QPAM Fish-Nic Derby at Selkirk Park

QPAM Fish-Nic Derby at Selkirk Park

The Quezon Province Association of Manitoba recently held its annual summer picnic at the Selkirk Provincial Park last 26th July 2015 with a new name twist this year: “2015 Fishnic at the Park”.

The picnic event was packed with about 90 patrons and guests enjoying food and beverage brought in by the association’s officers and members as well as the skewered barbecue sponsored by QPAM with Mr. Oly Merluza at the helm of the barbecue grill.

One of the highlights of the event was a fish-fun event named “Bingwit-Saya” which was open to members and guests who wanted to fish by the Red River’s shoreline. After about 6 hours of fishing, the following anglers emerged winners with Ronald Ira dela Cruz leading the pack with his 16-inch freshwater drum and followed by runner-up Kelvin Tran with his 14-inch freshwater drum. Kathlene Servidad captured the prize for the smallest fish caught with her 10-inch sauger. Aivan Maling was awarded the longest catch for the day catching 3 fishes with a total length of 36 inches.

Thereafter, an AGM was held and an election of directors/officers was called for the term 2015-2017. The following officers were elected: President: Magdalena “Maggie” Chan-Urbano; VP–Internal: Nolasco “Oly” Merluza; VP–External: Rowena “Weng” Arquero; Secretary: Leonisa “Leony” Conchada; Asst. Sec.: Donna Faraon; Treasurer: Alden Novallasca; Asst. Treas.: Arlene Abrasaldo; Auditor: Armando “Mandy” Habito; Asst. Auditor: Glenda “Mameth” Relis; Peace Officers:Abdon Chan, Ronnie Merluza and Mariano “Pipo” Sarmiento; District Coordinators: 1st District: Norman Padilla; 2nd District: Anthony “Anjo” Maling; 3rd District: Sonny Puache (in absentia); 4rd District: Eduardo “Ed” Aquino (in absentia)

The following were sponsors for the event: Fishin’ Hole, Gear-up: Tackling the Future, UPS Kenaston Commons thru owner – Jon Reyes, Jhun & Julie Manzanilla, Vickar Automotive Group, Frank & Maggie Urbano, Leah Magsino, Filipino Journal, Just-in Couture thru owner – Justin Merluza and Arrow Specialties.

Photos by Norman Padilla (QPAM Handout)