Proposed Changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Proposed Changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Last month, the Federal Government announced that it would consult with the public on proposed changes to the federal skilled worker program. These changes, if made, will affect the federal skilled worker program only. These changes will not affect the Provincial Nominee Program.

Currently, the federal skilled worker program requires a person to score 67 points out of 100 to be selected. While there is no proposal to change the maximum number of points, how those points are awarded may change. The proposed changes are as follows:

1. Language. Currently, a person can get 16 points for high proficiency in English. The proposed change is to increase this to 20 points and to create minimum language requirements depending on a person’s occupational skill level. If this goes through, greater emphasis will be put on English language ability.

2. Age. Currently, a person can get 10 points for age until they reach 49. The proposed change is to award 12 points for age until age 35 but then decrease the number of points until age 49. If this goes through, younger immigrants would score more points than older immigrants

3. Education. Currently, a person receives points for the certificate or diploma he/she received plus his/her years of schooling. The proposed change is to reduce the number of years of education that is required to claim points. This would make it easier for non-university graduates to score points.

4. Work experience. Currently, a person receives the maximum 21 points for four years of foreign work experience. The proposed change is to decrease the points that could be awarded for work experience from 21 to 15. The proposed change would also increase the years of experience required to get the full 15 points. The points that were awarded for work experience would be moved to other categories – such as language and age.

5. Canadian Job Offers. Currently, a person with a government approved job offer is awarded 15 points for “arranged employment”. In addition, this person does not need to demonstrate settlement funds. The proposed changes would establish clearer criteria for assessing job offers and could require employers to complete certain requirements or to face restrictions.

For more information on these proposals, please go to
If you want to provide feedback to the government on these proposals, you must do so by March 17, 2011.

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