Prime Minister and Jolibee

Prime Minister and Jolibee

By Kevin Lamoureux

A few weeks ago I was in the Philippines with my daughter Cindy who happens to be my local MLA, we were able to visit a number of communities inside and outside of Manila and where ever we went we would see the ever so popular restaurant known as Jollibee.

Everyone is familiar with McDonalds and Kentucky Fried chicken well if you can imagine what McDonalds and KFC is to Canada than you can imagine what Jollibee is to the Philippines.

Well Mr. Speaker you no longer have to travel to the Philippines to check out Jollibees, you can now come to Winnipeg to get that experience.

Last week while on his cross Canada town hall tour the Prime Minister was in Winnipeg

Mr Speaker he took the time to join me at Jollibees as he met with staff, chatted with customers and of coarse there were pictures too. I know the Prime Minister enjoyed his experience at Jollibees.The good news does not stop there Mr.Speaker as later this year Winnipeg will be getting it’s 2nd franchise.

Jollibee coming to Canada in good part is a reflection of Canada’s diversity and I am proud of the fact that Winnipeg was chosen as the first franchise location. I choose to believe it is because of one of our greatest strengths that being our rich Canadian-Filipino heritage.