Prima donna tag hounds Marian Rivera

Prima donna tag hounds Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera remains one of the most bankable female stars in local showbiz, yet several reports of her alleged diva attitude as an actress, endorser and artist hounds her from time to time.

Recent reports have it that in one recent commercial shoot, she refused to do her scenes outdoor because it will damage her complexion. Another incident related that Rivera reportedly asked the staff of “Darna” to carry her to the set as she reportedly refused to be dirtied by the mud on the ground.

Reports of snobbery and bad attitude antic also abounds. In an incident while interacting with her fans, she reportedly threw a magazine which the fan requested to sign after seeing another actress on the cover.

Her ugly encounter with neophyte actress Bella Padilla was the showbiz hot news for weeks. The newbie Padilla allegedly suffered verbal abuse after Rivera got jealous with her during some scenes with Dingdong Dantes in a Filipino adaptation of a popular Korean soap.

Rivera was also caught in a video footage humiliating a guy during a taping after she allegedly got offended when the man took videos of her.