President’s Message

President’s Message

Dear Distinguished Guests and Friends,

It is my honour to bring warm greetings to you all on behalf of the Filipino business community to our 5th Annual Awards Gala! We recognize and celebrate the rich and diverse talent of business people, entrepreneurs and special partners of the Filipino community. This year, our theme DIVERSITY & BUSINESS – Embracing Culture to Create an Empowered Business Community, we are celebrating our province’s rich Filipino heritage with special performances and cultural cuisine!

It is important to recognize that the Manitoba Filipino Business Council Inc. (MFBC) would not be present today if not for the support of our own community.

Our community is a strong contributor to all sectors of Manitoba whether in business, arts, healthcare, education, military and others.

Allow me to break it down ‘By The Numbers’:

• The Manitoba Immigration Facts 2014 Statistical Report (2014 MBIF) reported Philippines was in top 3 of source countries of Manitoba’s newest immigrants who came from over 150 countries.

• 2014 MBIF reported 1,831 permanent residents who came under the family class of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Philippines was in top 4 source countries, accounting for 60.0 per cent (aggregate of 4 countries).

• 2014 MBIF reported 2,403 new permanent residents opted for regional communities outside of Winnipeg. The top receiving communities were Brandon, Neepawa and Winkler. Philippines was number 1 top source country contributing 765 or 32% of the total.

• 2014 MBIF reported Philippines was number 1 top source country 3 years in a row between 2012-2014 accounting for over 30% annually (2012 – 4,002; 2013 – 4,095; 2014 – 4,923).

• 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) places Filipinos number 1 (59,220) within total visible minority population in Manitoba (153,625). The Manitoba Filipino population accounts for 38.5% of the visible minority.

• We estimate the Manitoba Filipino population to be over 80,000, using these statistics: 2011 NHS – 59,220; 2014 MBIF 2012-2014 growth; and average growth of 4,340 new immigrants in 2015, 2016.

We are proud Canadians who now call Manitoba home and feel a sense of belongingness that our Filipino culture has a place in the hearts of many to be celebrated and be shared.

MFBC wants to recognize and celebrate the achievements of two very special people in our community. They are Canadians and also proudly carries their culture and heritage through their aspirations and work in the community. Ms. Perla Javate was awarded the RBC 2016 Top 25 Canadian Immigrant ‘Community Connector’, and Mr. Jeremy Senaris was named Masterchef Canada 2016 ‘Runner-up’ and who is also our Guest Chef for the Gala.

In May, we collaborated with Mariette Mulaire, President & CEO, Derek Earl, Vice-President and their team at World Trade Centre Winnipeg and hosted the visiting Philippines Delegation attending Centrallia 2016. We showcased the Assiniboine Park Gateway to the Arctic venue and it was a huge success!

The board of directors continues to be confident in the future of our members and the Filipino business community. In 2016, talks continued between MFBC with other Manitoba chamber groups how we could collaborate and progress the idea of a united and diversified Chamber Movement. I am pleased to share that in 2017, MFBC will become a Chamber of Commerce and has a Partnership Agreement in principle with The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber).

Our newly formed Chamber of Commerce will also become a member of The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (The MCC). This strategic vision and leadership coming to fruition means more valued-add for our existing and new members and patrons. These partnerships will grow our exposure because of the over 2,000 members of The Chamber and 69 chamber members of The MCC.

Lastly and on a personal note, I would like to thank my very supportive family, Melissa and little man Noah, that I am able to fulfill the great honour and privilege to be part of the Filipino business community.

Thank you sharing this very special event with us and becoming a part of our MFBC family!

Maraming Salamat Po,
Hipolito Alibin Jr., CPA, CGA