Preparing for post-secondary life

Preparing for post-secondary life

For young adults, summer is typically spent preparing for college or university in the fall. If you are a parent or a student, lots of questions may be running through your mind about academics, campus life and what to expect in those first few months of school. It is an exciting time, but can also be filled with concern about the unexpected. Being prepared can help with the transition.

The transition can be even tougher for international students as they need to settle into life in a new country as well. Taking the first steps to set yourself up for success is a great way to feel at home faster.

Four things a student should keep in mind:

1. Get involved in campus life. Whether you are commuting from home or have moved to Canada for your studies, getting involved in social activities on campus can help you adjust. Joining social activities, interest clubs or sports teams are a few examples of getting involved outside the classroom. Check your school’s online website portal to learn more.

2. Keep active and take time for yourself. Adjusting to a new routine will take some time. Between managing classes, assignments and a social life, scheduling some much-needed “me time” can help maintain a healthy balance while staying focused. Eating balanced meals, having a regular exercise routine that works for your schedule and getting enough sleep each night, will help keep your mental and physical wellness on track.

3. Use resources available to you. Universities and colleges are filled with incredible resources, many of which are free to you. Resources range from guidance counselors offering help with academic questions, to an international student office that helps students navigate life on campus in Canada. These services are offered for students to use, so remember to take advantage of them while you are a student.

4. Build a budget. Keeping finances on track is another part of transitioning to post-secondary life. For many students, this may be the first time you will need to manage your own finances. If you are an international student, you may have many questions about banking in Canada. A great first step is speaking with a financial advisor about tips on keeping your finances in order throughout the year.

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