A picture worth a thousand words (or dollars)

A picture worth a thousand words (or dollars)

A pinay’s guide to planning your big day

Many couples put photography at the top of their “must haves” wedding budget. My fiancée and I, on the other hand, are a bit of an anomaly.

Shelling big bucks on prints was never a priority for us. Maybe it’s because we’re techies and prefer everything on SD cards instead of in picture frames. Or perhaps it’s because we’re more enticed by catching everything in moving pictures, where we can relive the moments frame-by-frame years after we get hitched. Everyone has a preference.

Your neighbour, your uncle and your dog know a photographer who specializes in weddings. Recommendations range from hobbyists to full-fledged professionals who carry equipment that probably doubles the cost of your car.

Budgeting for a photographer (and videographer, if you’re anything like us) can be costly, whether you’re willing to spend a few hundred or thousand dollars. Thankfully, Winnipeg’s market is highly competitive and full of creative eyes. Budget wise, you have plenty of room to play, and you can maximize your investment by knowing the right people.

Here are a few pieces of advice we’re passing on to help make your photographer search simpler.

1.You know the guy/gal. There are a multitude of benefits in hiring a friend for your wedding day. You’ve seen plenty of their work, you’re comfortable kissing in front of their camera, and you’re supporting their financial cash flow.

2.Ask for a recommendation. Probe former brides and artsy friends for suggestions from past experiences and inner circles. It’s the next best thing to knowing a photographer personally, and your friends may have some examples to show you before you decide to organize a meeting.

3.Be honest about your budget. The cost spectrum of photography in our city is impressive. Some couples make this their priority because it’s what will remain untouched and unchanged years after the special day passes. Other couples prefer to enjoy the day without the restrictions of having to pose for photos every hour. Consider the option of videography in your budget, as well. You may be equally happy splitting a hefty photography cost in two if you can capture all your precious moments on film to boot.

4.You get what you pay for (sometimes). Experienced photographers will have a wide repertoire of ideas for poses, props and settings, and may be better at capturing memories in the moment. Novice photographers may not be as comfortable commanding a couple, but some may also surprise you. Check out as many portfolios as possible, whether they’re online or in print, and see if their style matches your vision.

5.Arrange a meeting. Once you’ve compiled a short list of top contenders, consider meeting with these photographers to find out a few important details. You want to make sure they’re available on your wedding day, able to take the shots you’re looking for, and most importantly, send good vibes your way.

Whether you’re willing to shell out a fortune or cut costs on photography, commit to the right portfolio and person. Every vendor you choose will be a crucial component to making your wedding day one to remember.