Patricia Torres Silastre Bigornia visits Winnipeg to rekindle the warmth of friendship

Patricia Torres Silastre Bigornia visits Winnipeg to rekindle the warmth of friendship

Particia Torres Silastre Bigornia is a living time capsule!

Consider this: Patricia, Pat to her friends, had lived in Winnipeg for more than 25 years before moving to the sunny California. Being one of the pioneers to settle in Winnipeg, she has hundred of friends and members of her family, all connected by its common bond of friendship and love for family. And when she moved to California, 25 years ago, her contact with her Winnipeg friends and relatives continued, communicating by phone, by facebook and by phone. And from both sides of her residence, she has many stories to be told, so many great memories of the 50’s, the 50’s and the 70’s while living in Winnipeg; and every time she comes back, she wants to meet all her former kababayans and have a little gathering, or a reunion to renew and rekindle the fire of friendship. And to share her stories about her family in the sunny California, and how her creative aging promises more gatherings and social events.

Ask about her involvement in the first few years in Folklorama, and she would tell you how she enjoyed being a volunteer in this festival of nations.Likewise, she knew many stories of the Filipino pioneers who settled in Winnipeg: the story of their survival in the new country, the story of the unfolding friendship among new acquaintances.

Lately, Pat is in town and held a mini-salo-salo to meet her Winnipeg friends and relatives. And when they meet, lot of memorable stories are told and relayed with smiles and laughters, as if Pat has not gone for so long, distance and time wise. As if the north and south are tied together into unique narrative of friendship, warmth by her festive presence.

Photos by Rod Cantiveros | Filipino Journal