More than 626 LSIs suffer financial and sanitation problems at the North Harbor

Go figure it out if these two problems happen to you: no more money and poor sanitation while waiting to go home to your home province.

Perfecto de los Santos has been waiting to go home in his family in the Visayas and has been waiting for months in a makeshift facility at Manila North Harbor. He is one of the many hundreds of local stranded individuals (LSIs) who could not travel to their hometowns because of lockdown.

“Wala na po akong pera, at sana po’y tulungan kaming makauwi na,” one of the LSIs said to UNTV correspondent.

The Manila North Harbor has become the place to wait when will be the resumption of the travel to Visayas region, where most of the cities are still lockdown especially those going to Zamboanga, Bacolod and Dumaguete.

The Manila North Harbor officials have responded to the needs of better accommodation and sanitation while the LSIs are waiting for the resumption of the trips.