Moe El Tassi on the campaign trail for Councilor for Point Douglas

As the clock is ticking for the October 26, Winnipeg civic election, Moe El Tassi crisscrosses streets and avenues, door to door to greet and meet the voters and explain to them his new vision for the people in Point Douglas Ward and how he will represent them with passion and drive.

In spite of his busy campaigning to be elected as Councilor for Point Douglas, Moe El Tassi found time to answer the Q & A posted for him to engage and to share with his voters his vision and dedication to serve and his personal experience in meeting his constituents.

Q: What challenges have you met during this 2022 Civic Election campaign for a council seat? And what are some unforgettable encounters while campaigning door to door?

A: The biggest challenge was deciding to run and completely put my personal life on hold, but I must say it has been an amazing experience, and no doubt I am prepared for any other challenges the seat would have in the future. As long as I am there, I will represent the people of Point Douglas with the utmost passion and drive.

My unforgettable moment was being chased by a dog but soon found out that the dog was just trying to play with me. It was funny and we all had a great laugh after.

Q: If elected, what will be the programs to be initiated for the people of Point Douglas Ward?

A: The first thing I do is to open a community office for the residents of Point Douglas to be able to come forward with ideas and concerns about the area. I will be reachable and always get back to them in a timely manner. And I will work with anyone for the greater good of the area. I want to fight for more infrastructure spending in the area, all the way from our roads to our parks. I want to continue to support community programs like Bear Clan Northwest, and 204 Community watchers. Safety is paramount along with active living for seniors.

Q: How do you view the overall campaign which is going on?

A: It’s amazing! And it is going very well. We are getting a lot of support and the people of Point Douglas Ward are motivated for positive change. But it is going to be a tight race and we need every vote to win. I am grateful for all that is happening right now. Thank you for your support!

Exercise your good citizenry! Civic elections happens on October 26, 2022 from 8am to 8pm.

Photos provided by Moe El Tassi Campaign team