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Todd Labelle works at Avison Young. He is a commercial real estate agent, and has worked in the industry for the last eight years. The last four years have been dedicated to commercial real estate. He enjoys working in real estate because it gives him the opportunity to be creative in finding solutions for his clients.

Beyond the MFBC, Todd is a member of BNI Trailblazers. Him and his wife are also producers. When his wife moved here from the Philippines, he realized there was a shortage of activities to do that could help with her homesickness. Therefore, he recently arranged a successful show called 4 DA LAFFS starring Pokwang, K Brosas, Chokoleit and Pooh.

Why did Todd join the MFBC? “I joined the MFBC to connect with the Filipino community. It is very strong and growing and I wanted to be able to be part of it. There are so many great businesses out there and more coming. I want to help entrepreneurs looking to cater to the Filipino community.”

The name of Todd and Katya’s company is Todd Labelle Promotions. It’s an entertainment company catering to a broad Filipino audience. They started hosting events last year, and have had great success since.
Katya earned her B.Sc in Biology in the Philippines, and has eight years of experience in the call centre industry. She is currently a partner in Todd Labelle Promotions.
Katya joined the MFBC two years ago. What motivates her? “I love being a member of the MFBC because it gives me the opportunity to meet and connect with other Filipino business people.”
Her main focus now is to bring entertainment to her fellow kababayan by making them smile and feel good inside.