Match4Martin: An appeal for help

Match4Martin: An appeal for help

It was a complete shock for Martin “Marty” Lintag after being diagnosed with two rare types of leukemia following his 30th birthday last July 2018. He has always been active in sports and in fact a member of various leagues in Vancouver including ultimate frisbee team Black Huck Down.

Marty was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). These are aggressive form of leukemia that require immediate chemotherapy, radiation treatments and stem cell transplant.

Martin is beyond the chemotherapy stage and is now looking for alternative methods that can possibly put the cancer back into remission. Once in remission he will need a stem cell transplant from a match.

The alternative methods alone are very costly. This includes medical costs (~$1,000 for the consultation, ~$20,000 for the deposit, $500,000+ for treatment, in addition to living costs as Martin and his family will have to rent and live in the area for over two months).

Family and friends of Marty are appealing to the Filipino communities in and outside Canada to support them with the following efforts that are being done to save Marty.

1. Please donate and share this page ( to support Martin’s alternative methods to put the cancer back to remission.

2. Get swabbed. If you are a 17-35 year old Filipino, please visit the following websites:
In Canada the website is: . In America the website is: . Filipinos have the highest chance of matching with Martin.

3. Organize a stem cell drive in your community. If you are in Canada, contact the Canadian Blood Services to get set up.

More resources from the following: M a t c h 4 M a r t i n N o w Facebook Page – Global News Article – Richmond Sentinel Article – Video from Martin – nLR0& Martin Lintag’s Go Fund Me Page –