Makeover of The Mind

Makeover of The Mind

Did this photo grab your attention? FANTASTIC!!!! Now keep reading.

For this issue, I thought we’d change things up. We’re going to take a mini-break from makeup artistry tips and look at the core of where beauty is perceived… the mind.

The founder of this very publication, the late Linda Cantiveros was a true visionary. She was an inspirational human being who was born with a mission and devoted her life to sharing news and building community for Filipinos in Manitoba. She was proud of our rich heritage and always wanted to showcase our community’s finest to Canada through the art of literature journalism.

Tita Linda invited me to write “beauty how to’s” for The Filipino Journal because she wanted me to set an example. Initially, I did NOT see how I could set an example, especially compared to a woman that was such an influential and passionate ambassador to Fil-Cans and Canadians.

Tita Linda then said, “You will inspire our community’s children and their parents just by being, doing and sharing.” She then blew me away by saying, “It’s high time that we have someone in our community that can break the stereotype to the rest of Canada that we are not ALL only healthcare workers, and factory workers.” She added that there was nothing wrong with working in those fields, she just wanted to expose Pinoy children to the possibility of dreaming to do what their heart desires, having their parents fully support their choice, and to be GREAT at what they do, regardless of employment field.

Tita Linda passionately explained that it was time to take it to the next level and start an enlightenment revolution. She said, “Why can’t we have more famous Fil-Can musicians, writers, designers and entrepreneurs that extend beyond the local Winnipeg community? We no longer live in The Philippines where life is hard. We live in Canada, a country rich with educational and economic resources. We have to embrace this blessing, be grateful and nurture our children’s natural talent to become inspirational idols!”

I have to admit, I initially did not want to write for The Filipino Journal, yet now I’ve been contributing to this publication for about 8 years. Those powerful words from Tita Linda will stay with me until I die, and hopefully live forever in our community.

As we enter the beginning of a new school year, parents, observe your children. Unconditionally love, support and guide them to attain their dreams by maximizing their God given blessings and talent. Children, dream, listen to your heart and mind. Expressively indulge in your talents and aspire to be your personal best.

Tita Linda, MARAMING SALAMAT for choosing me to support and spread your vision. In honoring her foot print to the world remember, Dream Big! Go for it! God Bless!!!

Photo by: Charmaine Mallari of True Charisma Photography