MAFTI Cultural Presentation

MAFTI Cultural Presentation

by Gemma Dalayoan

The Manitoba Association of Filipino Teachers Inc. (MAFTI) held its Cultural Presentation on Wednesday, Jun13, 2018 at the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba (PCCM) on Keewatin Street with more than 300 attendees. Six schools that teach the Filipino After-School Program provided different numbers centred on the theme: Stronger Together, which is also the theme of the Philippine Heritage Week.

The schools that participated their numbers were the following:
Dufferin School- teacher- Mary Jane Napolitano
Lord Nelson School- Glenda Medina
Sargent Park School- Gemmarose Claveria
Shaughnessy Park School – Loreta Genota
Sister McNamarra – Jem Torres
Stanley Knowles – Teachers: Michelle Feliciano; Nena Malicad
First Prize winners:
Singing Contest Primary – Jazelle Policarpio – Lord Nelson School
Intermediate – Caleb Saladaga – from Lord Nelson School
Tula or Poem-Primary – David Baloy; Intermediate – KC Salazar from Dufferin School
Choral Recitation – Sister McNamara School

Special thanks was given to Chat Maog and Alvin Torres who helped in the creation of the choral poems.

Individual winners for the poem and singing contests were given cash prizes and contestants for all categories were given bags of goodies presented by Carrie Barroga, treasurer of MAFTI and Clarita Manzano, Chairperson of the Filipino Heritage Program.

Invocation was led by Victoria Cabrera, Vice-President of MAFTI
MAFTI Rondalla led by Dally Gutierrez and Girlie Lozada accompanied by the singing of the Philippine Anthem and O Canada.

Genalyn Aseron Tan, president of MAFTI, gave the opening remarks. Wab Kinew, NDP Opposition Leader and MLA for Fort Rouge had a short talk emphasizing the importance of heritage language. He was well-applauded by the audaience.

Closing remarks was given by Gemma Dalayoan, MAFTI Internal Consultant and Adviser thanking in general the parents, government officials, MAFTI Board and members, guests, and everyone who helped in making the program successful. The program’s emcee was Clarita Manzano, Chairperson of the Filipino Heritage Program.

Five volunteers from Royal Bank of Canada led by Tes Aeilo came to help out in the orderly distribution of the snacks and other little jobs.

Everyone enjoyed watching the program concluding that children always offer so much joy to everyone. The program ended with everyone having snacks with “siopao” donated by Bakerite on Keewatin, pansit, and eggroll from MAFTI, juice from McDonald on Keewatin and coupons given by Amit Kapoor, owner of McDonald on Keewatin. The program ended at 8:00 p.m. with all participants delighted of what they had experienced in celebration of MAFTI’s Cultural Presentation.