Lopez Quezon International 4th Reunion, many unforgettable moments at Niagara Falls

Lopez Quezon International 4th Reunion, many unforgettable moments at Niagara Falls

Reunion is an elixir of life! It brings more happy lives of the past; adds colours to the wonderful memories; and infuses more hope and faith for the future!

Yes, reunion is a dramatic encounter loaded with poignant narratives of recollections and many unforgettable sweet memories of the past.

And especially if they had never seen for more than fifty years! Or never had a chance to see again after their elementary school or high school or college days for more than two or three decades! Or never had an opportunity to say goodbye when she or he immigrated to the USA and Canada or Australia?

The more than 200 Lopezenios who gathered at the Niagara Falls, Ontario last July 8 and 9, during the Friday’s meet and greet; and at the gala night on Saturday, had all the chances and opportunities to re-kindle the friendship and to re-connect family ties.

The 4th Lopez Quezon International Reunion was an instant success, thanks to the officers and members of the Lopez Quezon Association of Ontario led by Judith Yngente-Uy Francisco who hosted the memorable event; and thru the leadership of Emmanuel Yngente, president of the Lopez Quezon International (LQI.)

The Lopez Quezon Association of Ontario led by President Judith Yngente-Uy Francisco and other officers and members welcomed their kababayans from Australia, and the USA and from some Canadian Cities. The Welcoming Committee is composed of Sena Paulite Flores, Mena Paulite, Letty Paulite, Christy Malungkit and Abel Paulite; administrative support include Ellen Dalogo, Lanie Serdon, Joanna Francisco, Cassidy Paulite, Master Thoby Paulite, Luth Dalogo, Ariezel Erandio, Talissa Paulite, Tyler Paulite and Franz Peralta. Official photographer, Joeffrey Francisco of FJ Photography; and Ramilyn B. Francisco, photo booth support.

The Meet and Greet event held Friday when long lost relative and friends met for the first time.

And to expected, narratives full of memories became the norms of hugging and kissing, remembering their elementary and high school days; retelling the stories of their family ties, connecting the countless dots of days and events when they were together, and when they moved to the United States, Australia and Canada. It seemed the stories of their lives would not end. Wishing and laughing became the center stage of reuniting each other.

The Gala Night at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton started with a reception at foyer where Lopezenios continued greeting each other, endless hugs,kisses, smiles and laughs. Lots of “kumustahan” as they sipped wine and beer; and ushered to pose for a photo shoot for keepsake by the official photographer, Jeoffrey Francisco, by Rod Escobar Cantiveros of the Manitoba Filipino Journal, or by Jun Libranda Angeles of the Alberta Filipino Journal, or by a family member to share with others; for a photo booth pose by the support of Ramilyn B. Francisco. Formal programs followed and the sumptuous dinner was served to the delight of the guests. Messages of thanks and blessings by Lopez Quezon Associaiton of Ontario president Judith Yngente-Uy Francisco; and by Emmanuel Yngente, president of LQI. Songs were rendered by some Lopezenios, and a special dance number was presented by the officers and members of the LQAO. Public dancing followed as Lopezenios boggied, tangoed and hit the floor with sweet music and rock n roll. It was a night to remember.

Emceed by Rhodelyn Paulite-Dungo; Songs performed by Col. Fernando Francisco.

The 4th LQI reunion at the Niagara Falls, Ontario, known for its beauty and wonders, the Niagara Falls, and to be specific, the Horse Falls, has become a metaphor of continuous flow of water, endlessly amazing, like the continuous life of the Lopez Quezon International, with its continuous support to our kababayans in Lopez, Quezon,with its future projects, namely, 1) Installation of deep well water system in Veronica Elementary and High School, Barangay Veronica; 2) Donations of Ciborium, Chalice, Paten set and Priests’ stoles to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Chruch; and 3) Donation of Air-Conditioning Units for Magsaysay Memoriial Hospital.

Photos by Rod E. Cantiveros/Filipino Journal and Joeffrey Francisco, official photographer of LQI