Looking for your locale

Looking for your locale

A pinay’s guide to planning your big day

As many young girls do, I used to daydream about my “picture perfect” wedding. Some days, I’d see myself walking down the aisle through a famous French cathedral, other days on a rooftop garden in the Big Apple, and quite often on the sandy shores of Honolulu.

However, I must sadly drift back to reality. Although the idea of a dream destination may seem like a must have, it’s important to take a take a big bite of reality when deciding where to host your wedding.

A few factors to consider when scoping out potential venues:

• Price – The ultimate decision maker. Though a faraway getaway sounds utterly romantic, it doesn’t come without a price tag. Get realistic and take a good, hard look at your budget – and stick to it!

• Potential – Don’t judge a venue by its cover (or pixelated online photos). Although an empty barn or backyard may look a little drab, some flower power and DIY detailing may help bring your vision to life – while simultaneously hacking significant dollars off your budget.

• Availability – When it comes to your wedding, there’s no such thing as booking too early. Venues will literally be blocked off for special events years in advance. That means, shortly after getting fitted for a ring, start seriously thinking about putting a deposit down on your decided destination.

• Seasonality – If you’re set on a summer wedding, consider the wide selection of outdoor options in and outside the city. If you fancy the frostier season, make sure to choose a location that’s easy to drive to, has ample nearby parking, and will keep your company warm in the wintertime.

• Guests – Size does matter. Make sure your venue can accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting – whether it’s 30 or 300. If you’re thinking of going away to a rural locale or having a destination wedding, send your invitations out extra early to get confirmation on who’s actually able to attend.

In my case, I decided on a sunny summer wedding for 200 people. Initially, I thought about renting a tent and setting it up somewhere sentimental – but the costs quickly piled high. I had to readjust my expectations – and fast. We promptly opted to book the beautiful backyard tent at Pineridge Hollow (well in advance) and completely fell in love with its rustic ambiance.
When I walked into Pineridge Hollow, it just felt right. I realized we didn’t need the historic Parisian architecture, busy buzz of NYC, or calming Hawaiian waves (though, they’d all make great honeymoon options). All we needed was a picturesque place, some creative styling and the company of all those near and dear to us.
My hopes are that you’re also able to find your “picture perfect” venue – and who knows, it may be closer to home than you’ve ever daydreamed.