The joys and pains of New Year’s resolutions

Goethe, a German writer, says: “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden.”

Yes, otherwise we harden like a solid asteroid!

To address on what Goethe wrote, let us give you some samples of the New Year’s resolutions.

“I’ll be frugal! Or I will be cautious on my health issues. Or to have more savings for this summer’s holidays! And I want to be home for Christmas, I promise!

And 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, do i have to crow “cock-o-doodle-doo” to have a good fortune? Or I will consult a Tea Reader or a fortune teller!

New Year’s resolutions touch on the family, the love, the money, and the myriad of hopes and dreams!

Frugality takes much courage to follow, making it difficult to ignore the vanities in life. Most of us are hoarders, hard to admit but it is true.Our insatiable is legendary. We crave many things to make us happier. We focus on what we want, not on what we need!

Strict budgeting is a crime against our wants, craving for me: more signature hand bags; more pair of pants! We want more bottles of wines and a menagerie of perfumes and figurines. It seems that buying what we want detoxify our stressful life. As if it were a therapeutic response to our craving. We spend so much money on our collectibles! I do feel happy to see my salt and pepper or my old electric heater collections. Now, what happens to your collection when you’re gone? Everything goes to a charity bazaar! Would our loved ones care for our precious collections? our loved ones have a different culture or outlook in life, and most of them belong to a disposable society. Minimalists! And if you have special gifts from your loved ones and special friends, use them and enjoy while you are still alive.

Junk food is the order of the day. And I will avoid eating junk food for a longer life! Are you kidding yourself? Dieting is just like a religion, expecting many miracles! Why not just stay what you are, “I am me…what you see, what you get.” If you love the way you are, go ahead, make your day. But, healthy living is a demanding routine! But if you want to make resolutions on food intake, buy and savour superfood! Pricey? Remember, there is no price for a healthy living! Cook your own food and chew it properly! It easier to google the health benefits of fruits and veggies. Right now, I’m heading to 75 and fortunately, I do not any maintenance, even a single pill! Unbelievable as others would comment. Hippocrates (460 B.C.), a Father of Medicine, writes: “Let food thy medicine and medicine by thy food.” Want to be a vegetarian? A vegan? Or a carnivorous? Your choice!

Fitness activities to be more active, to have a much stronger mind, body and soul? Join fitness club or dance clubs! Give yourself a break! Zumba dancing is contagious! Fitness gadgets, try to find out which suits your budget! And remember you can do your own self-exercise!

Travelling around the city and beyond. Remember, man is not an automaton, he needs rest! There is saying in Pilipino, it says: “Bakal man ay kinakalawang din.”
(Even metal gets rusty.). Get out of your work and discover the city which offers many places to meditate, to take some pics! Shout at the mountains! Whisper to the wind! And as a common adage, ‘Dance as if nobody watches you! Sing as if nobody listens.’ Move on beyond the city! Find time to travel to some wonderful places. You deserve a rest, a vacation! And the promise to be home for Christmas. Family bonding is priceless! Plan and save money for family reunions, for school reunions and for anniversary celebrations! Capture the image, and make the memories frozen in time.! Priceless!

Fortune and fame for 2017? Horoscope and Chinese astrology have millions of followers! Being the year 2017 as the Year of the Rooster, do I have to crow and shout “coxk-o-doodle doo” to wish for a good fortune, or to drive away predators, or to wish a good day when the sun is cresting in the east? Astrology is a science which has become a commercial entity in our lives. Fortune telling helps us to wander for a while, to dream big and to work hard. We seek to see many fortune tellers like tarot and tea readers for a fee! Do we have to cling to what the fortune tellers tell us? It is a fun way to go on with your life. Hard work has no alternative! Be a big dreamer but work hard to attain your goal. Stay focus!

I do remember when my late wife Linda and her best friend Rose went to a Tea Reader along Portage Ave. to find what the New Year would be. After many “hokus pokus”, the Tea Reader looked at them smiling: “Both of you are lucky, you will find a job as garment workers. Many garment companies are looking for women to work in their factories.” Those years,in the late 60’s and in the 70’s, thousands of new immigrants arrived and worked in the garment industry. (Even the Tea Reader knows how to stereotype certain immigrants.) Linda and Rose both smiled and left. Linda and Rose ended up as teachers.

In closing, a strict reminder from Raina Marie Rilke, she truthfully says: “And now, we welcome the New Year full of things have never been.”


Rilke is right! Many New Year’s resolutions have not been fulfilled!

And for us to start a new beginning, please be reminded by Rumi when he says: “If all you know you can crawl, start crawling!” And George Bernard Shaw gives us a challenge when he writes: “Life isn’t finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Wishing our advertisers and countless readers a blissful and a bountiful NEW YEAR! SALUTI!