Jed Madela: entertainer par excellence!

Jed Madela: entertainer par excellence!

Jed Madela is hot!
With minus 40 celsius (windchill factor included) hovering in the prairies in the early days of February, Jed Madela honestly claims that Winnipeg ‘s weather is too cold but what he has felt is the warmest response from the hearts of his fans. His hotness in the entertainment world plus the warmth reception from his fan would melt the snow!

“Sa totoo po, maraming suson na ang aking mga damit, including my pantalon, malamig pa rin. But I am feeling differently because of your warmth which is coming from your heart; and your happy feeling to meet me and to hear my songs. I love you.”

“I love you too”, a woman’s voice interjected as the fans gave Jed Madela a thunderous welcome. Jed Madela responded with so much enthusiasm as he rendered many popular songs.

Jed Madela’s “Beyond Expectations Canada Tour 2012 is a supercharged program of current music and the retro especially the continuous recognitions of wonderful people who inspired his singing career. He belted many songs as a tribute to the past and the present musical icons. His inspired rendition of Freddie Aguillar’s Anak; to the song and antics of the pound by pound boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and to the memory lane of the 50’s and the 60’s – from the Platters, Neil Sedaka to Elvis Presley, and most especially his tribute to his dad who fully inspired him to become a singer.

“I owed my love of music from my Dad. Our family is surrounded with music and this led me to what I am today.

Jed Madela broke the entertainment firmament when he became the singing champion at WCOPA; and this led to more awards like the Male Recording Artist of the Year; Classic Album Revival Award of the Year; and Classic Christmas Aliw’s “Best Major Concert Awardee.

Performing at a theatre set-up at the Marlborough Skyview, Jed Madela has given the best of his performance and conveying his “real me”:: his professionalism with a great sense of humnour; his undeniably warm rapport to her fans; and his resiliency on the demand of his fans who would like to hear more of his songs; and his sincerity and openness to his fans.

And as he performs without a sign of fatigue, the fans requested more songs and the fans loved him so much.

“Love na love kita, Jed…any husay-husay mo…talagang ibang-iba ka sa ibang singer na Pinoy…talagang mahusay, hindi TH (trying hard) very natural, very professional at saka, qwapo…at saka hind naman pala suplado”, one of his fans who was waiting for his signature on the Jed Madela’s CD.

“Totoo pala mga nadidinig ko about the Filipinos in Winnipeg , napakainit ang pagtanggap ninyo kahit puno ng snow ang mga bangketa, iba kayo…talagang kakaiba kayo dito”, Jed Madela said while he was surrounded by fans for photo op and to see while he signed the CD’s and other Jed Madela’s photos brought by the fans.

Jed Madela also clarified to his fans what was the real story for this trip to Winnipeg last year.

“Eh, ganoon pa naman ang nangyari, at least nalaman ko, kasi isa ako doon sa nagbayad just to see and hear Jed.” said by one of the excited fans.

“Will you come again if I will return for another concert?”, and the answer form his fans is thunderous.

A resounding yes!

“Marami pong salamat sa inyong lahat, and from the bottom of my heart, I love you all,” Jed said with all his heart. And the fans went wild.

“Ang husay-husay niya”, one of the hundreds of fans who was among the fans which surround Jed for his 3rd encore.

The front act ignited the show by the powerful performances of the following artist: Vancouver based host and singer, Janice Lozano and the singing lawyer, Jojo Quimpo and our local supercharged talented hopefuls: Marrion Torres, Reynalyne Mae Gacilan, Vina Dimayuga, Ivanne Dandan and Hannah Sagral! Wow never to experience such supercharged talented young Winnipeg entertainers.

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