Introvoys Live! in Winnipeg

Introvoys Live! in Winnipeg

PCCM was packed. The ambience was brewing. The crowd was excited. People were milling at the door with obvious smiles. They were all revved up because Introvoys were playing.

One of the prime Philippine bands that soared to stellar heights especially in the 1990s, Introvoys were currently comprised by JJ Buencamino (keyboardist), Perf de Castro (guest guitarist), Jonathan Buencamino (vocalist, guitarist), and the charismatic Paco Arespacochaga (drummer).

Before the gorgeous quartet took the stage, four local bands helped intensify the heat of the night: Soulblast, The 12/21, Route 90, and the eclectic collective Tropa, which wowed the crowd with their rearrangement of Half Life Half Death’s “High School (Life).” By the time Introvoys started playing their set, the audience was already in dance mode. The powerful set of the ‘voys included their ubiquitous hit songs such such “Calling All Nations,” “Di ‘Na ‘Ko Aasa Pa,” “Kailanman,” “However Which Way,” and “Line to Heaven,” which was sung (as usual) by Arespacochaga, who also gave a tear-pulling background story of the song. Apparently, his then still living father was the one who requested that he sing the song, in tribute to his mother who died of pancreatic cancer. The sad anecdote gave the song a new meaning and new expression, at least for the people who were there that night.

Being an original member of and co-songwriter of the many songs of Rivermaya, De Castro dished out a few songs by his erstwhile group–which included “Awit ng Kabataan,” “Ulan,” “214,” and “Kisapmata.”

The last set of Introvoys electrified the whole venue as they treated them with ’80s New Wave classics like “The One I Love” (REM), “I Go Crazy” (Flesh for Lulu), “If You Leave” OMD” and three songs with which the band called in yours truly to sing with them–“Bizarre Love Triangle” (New Order), “I Melt with You” (Modern English), and “Boys Don’t Cry” (The Cure).

Introvoys ended the night with a charged medley of ’80s Pop New Wave songs that included “Mickey” (Toni Basil), “Head over Heels” (The Go-Gos), “Build Me Up, Buttercup” (Torch), and “Just Got Lucky” (Jo Boxers).

Overall, the show was a blast. Congratulations to the producers, Gail Ignacio and his IGN Production and Beyond Limits Production.