“How Sweet it is” sums up the Morden Corn and Apple Festival

“How Sweet it is” sums up the Morden Corn and Apple Festival

by Guada Lopez Escobar

In spite of the dark clouds hovering over us while in route to Morden Corn and Apple Festival recently, everyone inside the Filipino Journal Bus is excited to join the festival for the first time; and others to be in line for a free freshly cooked corn being given by the officials and volunteers of the festival.

And the fun inside the bus has escalated when a special raffle-entertainment is held and the winners win gift certificate from Buffet Square donated by the Filipino Journal management. First, the game leader asked for a family picture in the wallet and Julie Javier has it; when asks if there is someone wearing a pair of green sock, a young girl wins; has anyone brought a canadian passport, there is one; anyone wearing a denture (to pinoy it is called false teeth), there is one, who else, Carol Castro has it; someone pulled a longest hair strand from her seatmate, a bandaid, a fullycurved sunglasses; and to top them all, the game leader cited 10 items which might be found in your bag and if someone has at least 5 items, the winner gets $20 gift certificate and Carol Rodriguez wins. With all the fun we have, we never realize that we are already in Morden. And the rain starts to fall.

And the parade has started and later on, the Filipino Journal Bus joins the parade. And the crowd has never gone in spite of the rain. It seems that they love the rain and they love to savour some of the goodies being distributed by volunteers from the different business participants. Hungry and wet, the group rushes down the street for free corn. Unfortunately, the free corn time will be at 1 p.m. And we try to locate Morden Mayor Doug Wilson to tell him that the Filipino delegation has just arrived.

The fiesta goers have decided to have lunch and we try to look for a park but it does not materialize because it is raining and finally, we end up to eat our lunch inside the bus. It is just like a big family affair, sharing what you have and what we have.

After eating, the group heads to the site where the free corn will be distributed. We meet Mayor Doug Wilson and introduce ourselves and he is so happy for meeting us and we volunteered to distribute the newly cooked corn. Peter Petkau, the chair of the corn distribution site, is very welcoming. Julie Javier, PCCM treasurer together with Peter Dick, a MLA in the Area , Jean Guiang of MAFTI,plus provincial Liberal leader Jon Gerrald wear aprons to distribute the newlycooked corn. It is so steamingly hot to handle but people grab the corn one by one. “How sweet is this corn,” one lady says and her companion has asked for two but the volunteers say that the policy is: one corn per person; and if you want another corn, join again the line. Rain continues to pour and the four long lines of people seem not to be deterred by the rain.

Our kababayans have been enjoying eating the sweet corn and at the same time, buying fresh corn by the dozens for their loved ones in Winnipeg. As hours go on and the rain continues to pour , more people join the line. “Just one corn for me to join the line, is worth it. the fun to have a steaming sweet corn and drizzle it with melted butter and a dash of salt makes it the difference. The supply of corn seems endless and the line of people become longer and longer. As estimated, there will be more than 8,000 corns would have to be distributed within the 5-hour schedule on that Saturday.

Yes, how sweet is the corn; but sweeter is the experience to be a part of the annual Morden Corn and Apple Festival. Oh, yes, to complete our trip, most of us buy half-galllon or full gallon of apple cider. And that makes the Morden Corn and Apple Festival a great summer treat even you have a denture or not. Eat the corn and drink the apple juice or cider with gusto!