Hitler and his men lived and died of drugs for their “Final Solution”

Hitler and his men lived and died of drugs for their “Final Solution”

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of one of the heinous war crimes ever recorded in the 20th century, the Holocaust becomes the living proof of how Hitler had fought for to engage and promote his “final solution,” killing more than one million Jewish in Auschwitz, Poland, known as the site of the Third Reich’s concentration and extermination camps.

The 75th Anniversary of the freedom of more than millions of Jews who were saved when the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz on January 27, 1945, was held last Feb. 2, 2020 at the very site of the former death camp.

Many Holocaust survivors, government officials from the different countries, including Germany attended to recapture the horror of war and to let the new generation of young men and women to know and understand the Holocaust, to remind the world that Hitler’s atrocity must not be forgotten, and true to the mission of peace, not to happen again.
Horrifying war and survival stories were delivered by the survivors as if reliving the horror of wars.

It is a very chilling chapter in the Modern History, herding Jewish population, men, women and children, loaded on the cattle train and headed to Auschwitz, where they would find themselves naked to die in the gas chambers.

Hitler’s final solution had spread to many countries in Europe, hailing victories in Poland in 1939 and France in 1940 and other European countries, but behind these successes in the battles, millions of drugs had been supplied by the Nazi to make the Wehrmacht’s soldiers withstand the battle for many days without rest, giving them the “speed” to win the war.

The German soldiers and their leaders were high on drugs known as Pervitin for alertness and anti-depressant. Even Hitler is heavy on drugs as his personal doctor, Dr Theodor Morell, who, based on some research findings from the doctor’s record, Hitler had 800 injections of barbiturates, methamphetamine a.k.a. crystal meth to stay robust and to look fresh and strong especially when he would appear in public, making him a symbol of strength and steady personality. Even his sex life, as reported, had been supported by drugs to become virile and to have high sexual performance with many women. But the destructive effect had become prevalent especially when Hitler would like to find more volatile, more potent drug to continue his war, by asking the medical professionals to supply the army with much stronger drug to increase more speed to victory.

Hitler’s henchmen were supplied with drugs to maintain the decorum of their personality, even deep inside, the drugs had started ravishing their bodies, destroying the inner self of the military generals. And deep inside the effect of drugs had become so addictive, that German soldiers had to ask for more to survive the war, and to help Hitler’s final hurrah!

As we say, that when you live by drugs; you would die by drugs. And this true on the last-ditch of his war, to invade Great Britain. And when the army, pilots and submarine gunners were supplied by more potent drugs, the effect was disastrous, pilots could not zero in their enemy lanes; submarine gunners, their torpedoes missed the targets. And Hitler was losing the war as the Allies had started winning in the various directions.

But Hitler’s weakness had been showing while experiencing the incoming defeat; and knowing how the Italians hang upside down Italian Nazi leader, Ben Mussolini, total fear engulfed his weakening body and mind because of drugs, and thinking that the Allies would do the same to him, he and his wife, Eva Braun both swallowed cyanide to end their lives.

Again, if you live with drugs; you would end up with drugs! Hitler, his military generals (who got also a supply of cyanide) and the soldiers are clear testimonials of the evils of drugs!