Hecla Island Greenbacks

Hecla Island Greenbacks

I finally made the trip out to Hecla village this spring. I have been meaning to for awhile now as many of my friends have been raving about the great walleye fishing from the dock at Hecla Village. When we launched the boat, I witnessed five greenbacks get caught by the anglers on the pier before my partner could even park the trailer. I said to myself that this was going to be a good day.

We started at a spot not too far from the nearby beach in 20 feet of water. My friends in the other boat caught two 26 inch greens right away. After a handful of smaller sized fish we decided to venture out further into the lake. The entire south basin of Lake Winnipeg is mapped out pretty well on Navionics including the area around Hecla to Manigotagan. A reef in the middle of the bottleneck channel between Hecla and Black Island was our target.

The Humminbird units on the boat were showing plenty of big marks when we stopped. It didn’t take long at all before Jeremy hooked up with something huge. It turned out to be the first of five Master Angler sized 28 inch plus walleyes we were to catch that day. 169 greenbacks between four anglers in two boats was the final tally. The average size of fish we were catching was an astounding 24-26 inches. The walleye fishery on the big lake may be in a down cycle, but you wouldn’t know it at all by the insane action at Hecla, Manigotagan, and Bloodvein areas.

First Place Filipinos at Falcon

In the last issue I wrote about how Jeremy and I did well finishing in fourth place at the season opening Falcon Lake bass tournament. Since then we came in seventh place at a walleye tournament in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and this past weekend my wife Divine and I won the Central Walleye Trail’s stop at Falcon Lake.

Something I hope to see more of in the future is increased participation from fellow Pinoys at the highest levels of angling competition in the Central Canada region. At this Walleye Masters Cup event we had ourselves and the team of Ken Polvorosa/Jeremy Santos holding it down for Fil-Cans in our province.

Walleye fishing has been very slow this year compared to past springs on Falcon Lake. Pre-fishing practice was weak for most teams and that carried on to the tournament itself. We had a tough morning on game day boating only bass after bass until noon. Searching my known spots on the lake from west end to far east end yielded no keepers until we tried an area that I’ve never hit before. The wind was hitting it right so it was worth a shot. We proceeded to smash a bunch of keeper ‘eyes (under 45cm) upgrading until we hit four perfect 17.5 inch fish.

At the awards ceremony we knew we were in good shape to finish in the money as getting the near perfect bag that we did is very rare. The only factor remaining was how many Master Angler fish were caught. It turned out that there was only one this year and they didn’t weigh in any slots. To our surprise we were the only team left standing after 14 other prize places were handed out. This was our first ever tournament win with a nice $8000 cheque and $1500 in prizes. Hopefully next issue I will be reporting back some good news from the two-day major Lake of the Prairies Walleye Classic.