Hardwork will take us to Dublin, Ireland

Hardwork will take us to Dublin, Ireland

by Lee Angela Igne – 1 st Degree Black Belt, Instructor and Coach for WSAA and Lynn Igne – Brown Belt Black Stripe, Jr. Instructor for WSAA

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for all the prayers, encouragement, support, donations, and pledges, we are overwhelmed and overjoyed of your generosity, it feels amazing having our friends, family, and community help us out to bring us closer to our dream.

This great endeavor has developed us in many ways, not only that it enhanced our skills and talents in martial arts but we are also learning how to manage our time, gave us more patience during our hard work and enhancing our creativity as we are now able to create, choreograph and modify our hand forms and weapon forms. We are also able to share our skills and talents by teaching our team mates what we have learned and acquired in this period of preparation for our big challenge thus also developing our leadership skills.

We are not only busy with our training and fundraising, we are glad that we are able to share our time and skills at the most recent event we attended on August 10 at Ate Melanie Ochoa’s Zumba fundraiser for her brother in the Philippines with his fight against cancer. We and our Team Mate Miley Carino were happy to perform for a good cause. We believe that we all have battles to fight. We join him in his fight and we made new friends within the Zumba Community who also committed to support us as we fight to bring honor and pride for Canada.

Recently, we’ve tried on our Team Canada traditional uniform for the first time and we truly felt honoured and proud to wear a uniform with our country’s name on it and by wearing it truly inspires us and makes us push ourselves more towards #IrelandGoals!!!