Government to implement new budgetary saving measures

Government to implement new budgetary saving measures

The Aquino administration expects to save billions of pesos by implementing new budgetary measures including the bulk purchases of its supplies, airline, hotel fees and other utilities, use of procurement cards instead of cash in government agencies, and a central payroll system for government workers.

According to Budget Secretary Florencio Abad Jr., the government could bring down its expenses by several billions by entering in wholesale purchases in supplies and utilities.

He added that DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas will talk with airline companies on the possible bulk purchase of airline tickets for traveling government officials and employees while Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo will look into the bulk telephone and Internet subscription for employees.

Abad also said the budget department will implement the use of procurement cards instead of cash for all expenditures. He said the procurement card is similar to a debit card given to an accounting officer who will have limitations on how much he can spend and what for.

All government agencies are also required to procure all their common supplies and equipment from the Procurement Service.

On the salaries of government employees, Abad also said that starting next year, their salaries will be deposited in their bank accounts by the National Treasury under the central payroll system.

Other measures being considered are energy efficiency measures as well as open-source technology for computer software in government offices.