Fundraising is on a full gear to raise fund for the educational trip

A fundraising event is underway to raise fund for the educational tour of Montreal and Quebec cities. The craft and bake sale show will be held on February 11, Saturday, from 10 am to 3 pm at Ecole James Nesbit Community School, 70 Doubleday Dr.

FJ sent a Q & A for more information:

What is your main goal of sending the students to Montreal and Quebec?

The students have been part of the French Immersion Program from Kindergarten to present day and we aim to give them an authentic setting to use their knowledge and skills that they have work towards. This trip is to both a reward them for their hard work so far and to encourage them to continue their education in French.

Since when this project has been going on?

This trip has taken place for well over 10 years.

Is it sanctioned by the School Division, if yes, why funding is (not) or (too little) to this cultural exchange?

The school division and Leila North School encourage the trip however it is optional and therefore not considered a school trip. We keep looking for ways to get outside funding for the trip.

Are the Quebec counterparts hosting the students? How many days or weeks?

This is an educational tour of Montreal and Quebec City, it is not an exchange. Our students are guided through the cities as a group. The trip is 7 days.
What is the ratio of the students, who will be joining, based on the total Grade 8 population?

This year, we have about 70% attending.

How many parents are in the trip and how they are funded, personally?

The trip is not open to parent participants, although it has been in the past. Parents had paid for the trip themselves.

The craft show is organized to help pay for the trip. The trip is approximately $2000. We have, so far, had 3 fundraisers. We will possibly organise one more.

All the money raised for the craft show will pay for the student’s trip. We have a silent auction, a 50/50 draw, a bake sale, and up to 38 vendors and crafters. Parents and students have been involved in organizing this event. We have some great donations like tickets to the WSO, PTW and Festival du Voyageur just to mention a few. We still need more donations to make this auction amazing. There are 28 students going on the trip. The admission is free and we will be open for 10 am to 3 pm. If there are any questions from the public, I can be reached at